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Tactical & Duty Gear

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  • Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    This drop leg holster is constructed of durable PVC material and hangs your pistols at about mid-thigh, easily within reach for a fast draw. The molded universal holster fits most standard sized handguns, and three magazine pouches on the left side of...

  • Tri-fold Flex Pull 10-pak


    Tri-fold Flex Pull 10-pak


    The Tri-Fold Pull was designed to aid in the rapid, positive application of Tri-Fold Disposable Restraints to a large number of subjects during a civil disturbance or military operation. the Pull allows multiple restraints to be attached to a carabiner...

  • Pepper Gel Magnum 4


    Pepper Gel Magnum 4


    You don't have to worry about wind blowback or misfires. Thanks to gel stream technology, this pepper gel allows you to quickly hit the mark and protect yourself against threats from a distance. Simply grab your pepper gel and you're ready go. And,...

  • CUBL Cantable Universal Belt Loop


    CUBL Cantable Universal Belt Loop


    The Cantable Belt Loop (CUBL) allows the user to choose the cant position on their holster based on their preference. Extremely adaptable, the CUBL integrates with Safariland UBL products and 3-hole patterned holsters.

  • Lightning Lifts

    Lightning Powder

    Lightning Lifts


    Clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. Works just like a strip of lifting tape—after the lift, place together again or adhere to the appropriate size and color-backing card.

  • Chemical Agent Case


    Chemical Agent Case

    $25.95 - $31.95

    Traditional non-molded duty gear is constructed of durable, abrasion-resistant, easy-care CORDURA nylon. We've combined this exclusive four-layer laminate CORDURA nylon with waterproof closed-cell foam padding, flexible polymer reinforcement and 150...

  • Mini Maglite Cap

    Bust A Cap

    Mini Maglite Cap


    Easily attachable to your existing flashlight or baton, the Bust A is a rapid entry tool that was designed by a 13-year veteran of one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the United States. This glass breaking cap is being utilized by law...

  • Standard Magnetic Applicator

    Lightning Powder

    Standard Magnetic Applicator


    This ergonomically designed tool features a spring-loaded handle holding the internal magnet forward, allowing for dusting above a horizontal plane, even overhead. When ready, simply pull the handle to release the powder. A hexagonal lip around the rim...

  • Glock 19/23/32 Magazine

    Blue Training Guns By Rings

    Glock 19/23/32 Magazine


    Rings Manufacturing has been providing firearms simulators and training devices to civilian, law enforcement and military trainers for decades. Their BLUEGUNS are crafted to the exact size and dimensions of the firearms they represent. These replicas are...

  • Tango Jr 2.5

    Code Red Headsets

    Tango Jr 2.5


    Connects directly to any microphone head with a 2.5mm plug.. Typically Kenwood or Otto Brand Microphones.

  • Black

    5.11 Tactical

    Exo.E External Elbow Pad


    Our EVA foam padding with protect your precious joints from almost any fall, and with the added thick woven elastic straps you can be sure that your protection will never slip in place.

  • Silver

    Posse Box

    Clipboard Flex Light


    Clipboard light with flexible neck to maneuver beam. Floods entire writing surface. Clips on all POSSE equipment. Overall base 6.75 x 1. White bulb included. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Shielded bulb protects night vision.

  • Black

    Gould & Goodrich

    Aerosol Case - X681-3


    Fits belt up to 2-1/4 in. Phoenix Advantage-Plus is the best looking nylon gear ever, and built to last. Abrasion and moisture resistant. Hard shell molded. Holds MK III or MK VI aerosol.

  • Knife Boxes


    Knife Boxes


    These evidence boxes were designed for strength and security. Pre-scored holes line the bottom of the box so you can quickly tie evidence down with nylon tie-downs. Designed for packaging evidence, such as knives, that must be secured before transport...

  • Jailers Double Key Holder

    Boston Leather

    Jailers Double Key Holder


    Boston leather has a key holder for the man with the keys. This thick leather holder has 2 snaps to keep the key rings secure and your uniform safe from the wear and tear from those keys rubbing all shift..

  • Ir Filter - 69115


    Ir Filter - 69115


    Streamlight Flip Lens for Streamlight PolyTac (not HP), TLR-1, TLR-2 and ProTac HL USB series flashlights. The lens fits over the bezel of the light and incorporates a flip-open housing to easily switch from a red light to white light. Genuine...

  • Mil Spec Quick Stow


    Mil Spec Quick Stow


    Stash it in your hiking pack, bottle pouch, or even in the palm of your hand. This lightweight, collapsible flask features our classic one-piece silicone bite valve for rapid hydration on hunt day and packs down easily once it’s empty. We designed the...

  • Tlr-3, Usp Conversion Kit Comp


    Tlr-3, Usp Conversion Kit Comp


    Streamlight has a hands on approach that has earned the respect and repeat business from members of our Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, and Concealed Carry Aficionados. With end users such as these you know you have something special that will shine...

  • Forearm Protectors


    Forearm Protectors


    The FP10 Damascus Imperial forearm protector have been designed for use with the Damascus DCP2000 and DFX2 upper body, chest and shoulder protectors to shield the entire forearm, from the wrist to the elbow. Construction consists of durable EVA foam...

  • Model 7312 Expandable Baton Holder


    Model 7312 Expandable Baton Holder


    The 7312 AccuMold Expandable Baton Holder features a hole in the back for convenient reholstering of extended batons. Molded and contoured trilaminate construction with Coptex knit lining. Conveniently fits both 2 in. (50 mm) and 2.25 in. (58 mm). duty...

  • Taser X-26 Injection Molded Case


    Taser X-26 Injection Molded Case


    Blackhawk makes carrying and getting access to a spare cartridge for your taser a breeze without the bulk. The Taser X26 Cartridge Holder is constructed from a blended injection molded carbon fiber in an ambidextrous configuration. Blackhawk's own Taser...

  • Model 1840 Chain Restraint Belt

    Smith & Wesson

    Model 1840 Chain Restraint Belt


    The Smith & Wesson Model 1840 Chain Restraint Belt with 60 steel chain and large steel link that accommodates standard and oversized handcuffs. Restraint chain can be used with a Blue or black box with a padlock, or insert link through one of the chain...

  • Black


    Cuff/Mag/Light Pouch


    Portable and made with high-strength materials, the Blackhawk Cuff/Mag/Light pouch has been optimized for duty use. Integral straps on the back of the pouch allows this product to mount easily to any S.T.R.I.K.E. or MOLLE/PALS platform, ideal for duty...

  • Asp Baton Cap

    Bust A Cap

    Asp Baton Cap


    The Large ASP baton cap has been designed to fit all models that ASP currently distributes. The ASP baton is a light weight expandable baton used by police, government agencies, military, and private security around the world. Bust a Cap has no moving...

  • Stinger Ultra And Hp Cap

    Bust A Cap

    Stinger Ultra And Hp Cap


    Easily attachable to your existing flashlight or baton, the Bust A is a rapid entry tool that was designed by a 13-year veteran of one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the United States. This glass breaking cap is being utilized by law...

  • Standard Rechargeable Maglite Cap

    Bust A Cap

    Standard Rechargeable Maglite Cap


    One of the most affordable lights that both first responders and civilians carry is the Maglite. If you carry a flashlight, like the Maglite (C-cell), the cap alone will not break glass. Attempting to break a window with the stock equipment on these...

  • Model 7310 Mini-Light Holder


    Model 7310 Mini-Light Holder


    The 7310 AccuMold Mini-Light Holder features a full flap with exclusive Roll Top lid which helps secure the light in position. Designed to accommodate AA-cell lights, this unit can be had with either hook & loop or hidden snap enclosure. Contour molded...

  • Red Phantom


    Red Phantom


    Sabre Phantom Red OC MK-4 Fogger Spray's evaporating delivery system provides improved ways to avoid excessive amounts of propellant from being released, thus ensuring higher safety standards and the ideal outcome when dealing with unruly suspects. This...

  • Holster-black

    5.11 Tactical



    An invaluable accessory for patrol duty or tactical operations, the Holster Pouch utilizes the proprietary 5.11 Backup Belt System to provide a quick and effective holster solution for any standard sidearm. Easily installed on 5.11 bags, outerwear, or...

  • Model 7328 Flat Glove Holder


    Model 7328 Flat Glove Holder


    The 7328 AccuMold Flat Glove Holder is slim and compact on the duty belt. Top flap is held closed with a hook and loop closure. Designed to hold two pairs of latex gloves and available with hook and loop or hidden snap closure, this holder conveniently...

  • Black


    Radio/Gps Pouch

    $26.45 - $28.95

    Mounts to any S.T.R.I.K.E. or PALS/MOLLE platform by weaving the integral straps on the back of the pouch in and out of the platform webbing. Constructed of 500 denier nylon (solid colors) or 500 denier CORDURA nylon (MultiCam).

  • Tlr Bezel


    Tlr Bezel


     LED opening measures 0.140 across. Screw on facecap - bezel, lens & reflector assembly. Genuine Streamlight brand replacement part.

  • Black


    Solitaire LED 1-Cell AAA

    $27.00 - $27.59

    Solitaire 1-Cell AAA LED Flashlight from Maglite is a pocket-sized illumination tool that makes a useful keychain light. This update to the original Solitaire light features Mag-LED Technology, which delivers extended bulb life and brighter output...

  • Aerosol Chemical Agent Cases - 74771

    Uncle Mike's

    Aerosol Chemical Agent Cases - 74771

    $25.95 - $27.95

    Keeps personal chemical agents within your reach. Works for conventional duty and larger canisters of most popular agents including CS, CN, mace, pepper mace, cap stun and punch. Polymer insert prevents canister denting while smooth lining preserves...

  • Tango Jr. 3.5 Earpiece

    Code Red Headsets

    Tango Jr. 3.5 Earpiece


    Designed to save your department money. Our durable listen only acoustic tube earpiece has a 14 coiled cord and a 3.5 mm connector for any radio or remote microphone with a 3.5mm earphone jack. Compatible with our Signal 21 shoulder microphones as well...

  • Black

    Pelican Products

    1020 Micro Case

    $20.95 - $27.95

    From small sensitive components to smartphones, protect your gear from the elements in a crushproof, watertight, & dustproof Micro Case from Pelican.