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Hoodies & Sweatshirts

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  • Tactical Fleece 2.0

    5.11 Tactical

    Tactical Fleece 2.0

    $110.00 - $127.00

    Compatible with all of our 3-in-1 Parka, the Tactical Fleece 2.0 adds an unbeatable layer of warmth and excels as a standalone jacket. The re-engineered Tactical Fleece 2.0 features an anti-pilling fleece body with an upper-body overlay of 100%...

  • Paratus Hoody


    Paratus Hoody

    $77.99 - $85.79

    Not only does the Paratus Hoody blend into virtually every kind of landscape, it's comfortable and durable and doesn't signal your capabilities or readiness for action. The pullover style keeps things simple and eliminates concerns about flashing...

  • Black

    Thin Blue Line

    Hoodie - Thin Blue Line American Flag

    $35.99 - $37.99

    The Thin Blue Line American Flag Hoodie is a classic and respectful way to honor all of the officers of the country. The sleek design perfectly complements the deep black of the sweatshirt, resulting in a subtle and sophisticated look. This hoodie is...

  • Black

    Thin Blue Line

    Hoodie - Honor/Respect, Thin Blue Line Flag

    $36.99 - $38.88

    The Thin Blue Line Flag Hoodie is our best-selling piece of men’s outerwear apparel. This unique design combines the sleek style of the Thin Blue Line with a tattered American flag; showing the struggle and fight behind our country. The back displays a...