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Training & Defense Accessories

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  • Frontiersman Bear Spray W/ Chest Holster


    Frontiersman Bear Spray W/ Chest Holster

    $54.99 - $59.99

    Stay safe on long hikes and mountain adventures with the FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray and Attack Deterrent from Sabre. When spending time in bear country, being prepared is the best way to stay alive. Sabre's specialized high-strength pepper spray formula is...

  • Decon Aerosol Spray


    Decon Aerosol Spray


    The SABRE Decon 1.8 oz Aerosol Spray is an aerosol mist containing saline solution. The spray helps remove particulate matter and irritating chemicals from the eyes. It may be used as a wash to reduce irritation from tear gas, OC pepper spray and other...