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Pepper Spray

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  • Frontiersman Bear Spray


    Frontiersman Bear Spray

    $44.99 - $49.99

    Stay safe on long hikes and mountain adventures with the FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray and Attack Deterrent from Sabre. When spending time in bear country, being prepared is the best way to stay alive. Sabre's specialized high-strength pepper spray formula is...

  • Gel W/ Wall Mount Bracket


    Gel W/ Wall Mount Bracket


    Protect your home, loved ones, and personal property with Sabre Red's Home Defense Pepper Gel Spray. This fire extinguisher style canister features a pistol grip and a safety pin. The spray contains 13 ounces of full strength heat in a gel delivery that...

  • Textured


    Key (Medium) Defender

    $29.60 - $39.00

    Traditional chemical irritants are little more than specially loaded spray cans. ASP Defenders were specifically designed as a dispersion system for chemical irritants. Rather than filling a standard aerosol can with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), Defenders...