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Pepper Spray

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  • Pepper Gel Magnum 4


    Pepper Gel Magnum 4


    You don't have to worry about wind blowback or misfires. Thanks to gel stream technology, this pepper gel allows you to quickly hit the mark and protect yourself against threats from a distance. Simply grab your pepper gel and you're ready go. And,...

  • Flip Top Stream

    Fox Labs International

    Flip Top Stream


    This Fox Pepper Spray features a striking appearance with wide-mouth activator flip top to prevent accidental discharge. We are talking serious, effective less-lethal stopping power! Stream dispersion type, a very pure 2% OC (pepper) solution using OC...

  • Mk-9 Cool-it Oc Decontamination Spray

    Defense Technology

    Mk-9 Cool-it Oc Decontamination Spray


    The Cool-It aerosol offers relief to those who have been sprayed with OC. A natural herbal ingredient designed to draw the oily resin of OC out of the skin. This reduces the recovery time so officers waiting for their prisoners to be fully recovered...

  • Red Phantom


    Red Phantom


    Sabre Phantom Red OC MK-4 Fogger Spray's evaporating delivery system provides improved ways to avoid excessive amounts of propellant from being released, thus ensuring higher safety standards and the ideal outcome when dealing with unruly suspects. This...

  • Black

    Fox Labs International

    Five Point Three Spray


    Cone Fog pattern reaches 15 to 18 feet. All FIVE POINT THREE formulas are oil based, Taser safe and non-flammable. FOX premium defense sprays provide the fastest-acting and most reliable formulas available. They also use the largest nozzle openings,...

  • Lock On Grenade - FX-32GRDB

    Fox Labs International

    Lock On Grenade - FX-32GRDB


    These hand held units are designed for tossing. Lock-On style for continuous discharge of contents ideal for control and dispersing of crowds or for securing of a confined area.  This is also available in a 2-ounce size. FOX premium defense sprays...

  • Pink


    Palm (Compact) Defender

    $28.00 - $37.00

    Traditional chemical irritants are little more than specially loaded spray cans. ASP Defenders were specifically designed as a dispersion system for chemical irritants. Rather than filling a standard aerosol can with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), Defenders...

  • 4.0 Oz Phantom Aerosol Grenade (mk-5)


    4.0 Oz Phantom Aerosol Grenade (mk-5)


    The SABRE Red 1.33% MC, 3.6 oz., MK-5 PHANTOM Evaporating Fog Delivery Aerosol Grenade empties in fourteen (14) seconds filling an area of 22,000 cubic feet in 60 seconds. PHANTOM’s evaporating fog delivery is more debilitating (inhalation effect) and...