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Entry Tools

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  • Bolt Master

    Dynamic Entry

    Bolt Master


    The specifically heat-treated cutting edges of the BoltMaster are the finest available anywhere. The BoltMaser features an electrically non-conductive fiberglass handle system with safety-guard handgrips that is resistant to 100,000 volts AC. Lightweight...

  • Pro-lok Slim Jim The Original

    Pro-lok Tools

    Pro-lok Slim Jim The Original


    The Original Slim Jim is still the best for opening cars. The Slim Jim design unlocks a variety of foreign and domestic vehicles. Made of stainless steel. ¾€ x 22½€ x .032€ thick. Full Color Instructions included.

  • Long Reach Tool

    Pro-lok Tools

    Long Reach Tool


    The Long Reach Car Opening Tool allows technician to reach inside the vehicle compartment to either manipulate locking devices inside the vehicle or to retrieve the keys. The multiple piece Long Reach Tool extends up to 76”.

  • Pump Wedge

    Pro-lok Tools

    Pump Wedge


    The Pump Wedge is a unique and versatile tool for expanding openings to unlock vehicles. The inflatable wedge made of non-marring ballistic material and has rounded corners for easy entry.  Includes a stiff interior for extra strength and easier...

  • Gm Camaro Tool

    Pro-lok Tools

    Gm Camaro Tool


    The GM Camaro Car Opening Tool is specially designed to unlock most Chevrolet models, including the Camaro, but also works on some Pontiac, Saab, and Toyota vehicles.

  • Mega Long Reach Kit

    Pro-lok Tools

    Mega Long Reach Kit


    The 13 Piece Mega Long Reach Car Opening Tool Kit is the newest car opening kit from Pro-Lok. The kit includes everything one may need for gaining entry into an auto. From a variety of car opening tools to lock picks, there is no other entry kit...

  • Black

    Voodoo Tactical

    Mil-Spec Tactical Trauma Kit


    Disaster can strike at any moment and the only way to survive is by being prepared with the Tactical Trauma Kit by Voodoo Tactical. Designed to offer emergency access to vital medical gear, the kit features the medical essentials needed to treat trauma...

  • Pro-lok 14 Piece Pick Set

    Pro-lok Tools

    Pro-lok 14 Piece Pick Set


    14 Piece Pick Set includes: 9 picks and a broken key extractor, all manufactured of tempered stainless steel and all with rivetless stainless steel handles, 4 tension wrenches in a soft luggage quality leather snap case. We use the newest high technology...

  • Pro-lok 20 Piece Pick Set

    Pro-lok Tools

    Pro-lok 20 Piece Pick Set


    The 20 Piece Pick Set includes: 14 assorted picks (6 with rivetless stainless steel handles), a broken key extractor and 5 tension wrenches in a soft luggage quality zipper leather case. We use the newest high technology steels and construction methods...

  • Warded Padlock Picks

    Pro-lok Tools

    Warded Padlock Picks


    The 5 Piece Warded Padlock Pick Set includes five superior quality, stainless steel lock picks for common warded padlocks. Warded padlocks can be identified by the large key hole which is generally made of steel rather then brass. If the keyway is brass...

  • Padlock Buster Black

    Dynamic Entry

    Padlock Buster Black


    Designed for situations where the BoltMaster™ is not recommended, the Padlock Buster is stunningly effective in defeating case-hardened padlocks. It’s the perfect complement to any team’s tactical toolbox.recommended, the Padlock Buster is stunningly...

  • Pro-lok Long Arm Took Kit

    Pro-lok Tools

    Pro-lok Long Arm Took Kit


    The 4 Piece Long Arm Car Opening Tool Kit is ideal for depressing the unlock button, accessing the pull handle, lifting the lock button, or retrieving the keys; all as if you were sitting inside the vehicle. Includes the Standard 58? Long Arm Tool...