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  • EHT Duty Radio TACO U-MOUNT

    High Speed Gear

    EHT Duty Radio TACO U-MOUNT


    The High Speed Gear Duty Radio TACO Univ Mount functions the same as the original, but features sleeker fronts and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most handheld radios and issued personal communications devices.

  • Aerosol Chemical Agent Cases - 74692

    Uncle Mike's

    Aerosol Chemical Agent Cases - 74692


    Keeps personal chemical agents within your reach. Works for conventional duty and larger canisters of most popular agents including CS, CN, mace, pepper mace, cap stun and punch. Polymer insert prevents canister denting while smooth lining preserves...

  • Double Play Cuff And Magazine Pouch


    Double Play Cuff And Magazine Pouch


    The A15 Double Play Cuff and Magazine Pouch from DeSantis is a compact carrier that holds two essential law enforcement tools--handcuffs and spare magazines. Featuring an adjustable paddle mount, the carrier can be easily secured and removed from duty...

  • Expandable Baton Holders

    Uncle Mike's

    Expandable Baton Holders


    Injection molded for durability. Same tension arm principle as our magazine pouches to keep baton in place. 16 model retains previous flexible design with body. Hole in back to permit holstering fully-extended baton

  • D-cell Plain  Belt Holder


    D-cell Plain Belt Holder


    This Belt Holder from MagLite allows a D-cell MagLite to be quickly holstered and accessed while secured to a belt loop. This flashlight accessory is made of leather and has a snap fastener for easy belt loop attachment.

  • OD Trail

    5.11 Tactical

    2 Banger


    This 5.11 Tactical 2 banger bag is designed for quick prep operations or day long excursions. This bag will ensure you stay fully prepared for any situation. This bag will allow you to store two 5.56mm magazines and all of your crucial tactical gear in a...

  • Duty Mini M.A.C. TACO

    High Speed Gear

    Duty Mini M.A.C. TACO


    Our Duty line of TACOs functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden shock cord, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most small handheld radios and issued personal communications devices.

  • Black

    High Speed Gear

    Molle Covered Handcuff Taco


    This covered handcuff pouch will hold almost any brand or style of handcuffs, including oversized cuffs.  Also ideal for field compasses, tins and other similarly shaped items. Comes with HSGI Clip for attachment to PALS

  • Stun Gun TACO Adaptable Belt Mount

    High Speed Gear

    Stun Gun TACO Adaptable Belt Mount


    Although you will find many uses for this pouch, it was designed for law enforcement officers who needed a TACO style solution for the X26 and X2. The rigid webbing sides allow it to expand while still providing a sturdy and stable shape to securely hold...

  • Black


    V70 Polymer Speed Holster


    The patented V70 Speed Flashlight Holster allows the user to quickly access the flashlight from either a head-up or head-down position*. Rigid polymer construction protects your light from impact while ensuring an open mouth for fumble-free re-holstering...

  • Stinger 2020 Holster, Deluxe


    Stinger 2020 Holster, Deluxe


    The Streamlight 78107 deluxe nylon holster is designed specifically for the Stinger 2020 flashlight. It is a full holster with top flap and snap closure and will slide onto a belt up to 2.5 wide

  • Tourniquet Medical Pouches


    Tourniquet Medical Pouches

    $29.99 - $46.99

    One of the most important pieces of medical equipment for use in the field is a tourniquet. At SENTRY, we have developed 3 different kinds of tourniquet pouches to suit your needs. A basic zippered tourniquet pouch, our innovative pop-up tourniquet pouch...

  • Chem Agent - 44A501BK


    Chem Agent - 44A501BK


    This tough pouch from Blackhawk is designed to fit medium-sized MK-III chemical canisters, including a wide variety of pepper sprays and other chemical agents. It is made from durable molded Cordura for strength and wear-resistance, and attaches to a...

  • Chem Agent


    Chem Agent

    $30.95 - $33.45

    This tough pouch from Blackhawk is designed to fit medium-sized MK-III chemical canisters, including a wide variety of pepper sprays and other chemical agents. It is made from durable molded Cordura for strength and wear-resistance, and attaches to a...

  • CAP Compact Admin Pouch


    CAP Compact Admin Pouch


    The CAP Compact Admin Pouch is a low-profile pouch when empty, yet expands to fit mission critical items. The front compartment features elastic organizers, an extra pocket, and a Keyper to securely hold key rings. The interior main compartment of the...

  • Exo Case, For Chain/hinge Cuffs


    Exo Case, For Chain/hinge Cuffs


    The Exo Case is a sleek, lightweight, rapid-access carrier, custom-designed for ASP’s revolutionary Ultra Cuffs. It gets its name from a lightweight, exoskeleton-like design that adds virtually no bulk, and has no covers, flaps or straps to get in the...

  • Black


    Handcuff TACO Kydex U-Mount - 11DCK0OD

    $44.00 - $48.00

    The Kydex Handcuff TACO is designed to retain handcuffs using the unique properties of Kydex. Comp-Tac uses airline-grade Kydex, which has a smooth inside finish, is resistant to sweat and solvents, and provides a material that won’t damage the handcuffs...

  • ETAK Fixed Platform Pouch

    Eleven 10

    ETAK Fixed Platform Pouch

    $43.99 - $45.99

    The Eleven 10 ETAK (Enhanced Trauma Aid Kit) is designed to hold critical medical items with the first responder and tactical officer in mind. Compact and durable, this kit has all of the essentials, and is made with premium, duty-proven materials. It...

  • Taser Pouch


    Taser Pouch


    Enhance Elbeco’s external vest carriers with BodyShield Accessories.Loose pouches are available in all BodyShield fabric colors and are sewn to the vests at dealer locations to accommodate the user’s preference.

  • Electronics Pouch


    Electronics Pouch

    $79.99 - $85.99

    SENTRY manufactures a complete accessory pouches. Constructed from multiple layers of high strength Nylon laminate which is laser cut to prevent the material from fraying over time with high use. The unique space saving design eliminates seam tape...

  • Double Latex Glove Pouch


    Double Latex Glove Pouch


    This lightweight pouch from Blackhawk is a useful piece of equipment for law enforcement officers and first responders. It fits up to two pairs of latex gloves, essential for first aid and crime scene investigations. It is made from a durable,...

  • Teardrop Badge Holder


    Teardrop Badge Holder


    The U29 Teardrop Badge Holder from DeSantis is a convenient and professional way to carry a duty badge. Fitted with versatile carry options, wearers can either employ the 1.75-inch heavy-duty spring steel clip and attach it securely to a gun belt or...

  • Clip-on Badge Holder Oval

    Strong Leather Company

    Clip-on Badge Holder Oval


    Display your law enforcement credentials in an easy to see way using this Strong Leather Company badge holder. An included neck chain makes it simple to put on and take off when needed, and black leather construction gives it a professional look and...

  • OD Green


    S.T.R.I.K.E. Flashbang Pouch

    $20.45 - $24.95

    Keep your flash grenade in a secure place with the rugged Blackhawk Flashbang Pouch. Made from durable nylon, this pouch easily mounts to any PALS/MOLLE or S.T.R.I.K.E. platform. Simply weave the integral straps on the back of the pouch in and out of the...

  • Model 7918 Ultimate Hinge Handcuff Case


    Model 7918 Ultimate Hinge Handcuff Case


    The Model 7918 AccuMold Elite Ultimate Hinge Handcuff Case holds one pair of Safariland Ultimate Hinge handcuffs or similar. Trilaminate construction with a synthetic leather-like finish, this unit conveniently fits 2 in. (50 mm) or 2.25 in. (58 mm) duty...

  • Black

    Strong Leather Company

    Deluxe Hidden Badge Wallet


    This upgraded version offers the same advantages of badge and ID concealment. It also boasts more card slots along with a license window, money and photo sections.

  • Black

    Strong Leather Company

    Side Open Badge Case - Duty - 74800-0182


    Rugged Duty Style edges with round corners and a suede divider. For all badge fit information, please refer to the link below. Badge manufacturer and model number must be identified before cutout is selected to ensure proper fit. Badge Cutout Fit...

  • Chemical Agent Case


    Chemical Agent Case

    $19.95 - $26.45

    Traditional non-molded duty gear is constructed of durable, abrasion-resistant, easy-care CORDURA nylon. We've combined this exclusive four-layer laminate CORDURA nylon with waterproof closed-cell foam padding, flexible polymer reinforcement and 150...