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  • Tan


    Scout Light Rear Cap


    Replacing your Scout Light's rear push-button cap assembly with this cap allow you to attach a SureFire tape switch for even greater versatility. The cap's lock-out feature positively prevents activation during tactical operations, transportation, or...

  • 120v Ac Usb Wall Adapter


    120v Ac Usb Wall Adapter


    AC Wall adapter for the Streamlight Stylus Pro USB flashlight, Streamlight Strion Piggyback charger, Streamlight ClipMate USB, Streamlight ProTac HL USB flashlight, Streamlight Double Clutch headlamp and Streamlight EPU-5200 Portable Power Pack. Genuine...

  • Vehicle Mounting-charging Rack


    Vehicle Mounting-charging Rack


    The Streamlight Orange LiteBox Mounting Rack is designed with a large push button allowing you the ability to easily take the flashlight off the charger. And, it's easy to push the button even with gloves on! This charger accepts either the AC or DC...

  • Safety Wand - 75913


    Safety Wand - 75913


    Fits the 1000, 1100 and 1200 series Multi-Purpose LED lights. Turns flashlight into a safety light. Easily attaches to top of light.

  • Aa Mini Mag Accessory Pack


    Aa Mini Mag Accessory Pack


    The Mini Maglite 2AA Accessory Pack from Mag-Lite adds to the usability and versatility of your Mini Mag by providing three filters, an anti-roll filter holder, a wrist lanyard and a pocket clip. The red and blue filters are useful for protecting...

  • DS-SR07-D-IT Weaponlight Switch


    DS-SR07-D-IT Weaponlight Switch

    $239.00 - $240.00

    The DS-SR07-D-IT is a waterproof switch assembly for simultaneous use of SureFire Scout Light WeaponLights and an ATPIAL or DBAL laser. It includes a system-disable feature, a click-on/off pushbutton switch, and a plug-in SR07-D-IT dual-control switch...

  • Xt07 Weaponlight Switch


    Xt07 Weaponlight Switch


    The XT07 switch provides reliable, remote activation for any X-series WeaponLight (X200, X300, and X400) attached to a Picatinny rail. Switch module clips to Picatinny rail and features constant-on/off pushbutton switch, momentary-on pressure pad, and a...

  • Xt00 Weaponlight Switch


    Xt00 Weaponlight Switch


    Rail With Your X-light. The XT00 switch provides reliable, remote activation for any SureFire X-Series WeaponLight attached to any MIL-1913 Picatinny rail. The XT00 features constant-on/off toggle switch and a lockout toggle switch to prevent accidental...

  • 2-pack D Cell

    2-pack D Cell


    When it comes to emergency equipment, safety gear or simply having a good time, do not rely on bargain brand batteries that cut corners, or overpriced companies that use flashy labels to dress up mediocre products. Choose the time proven, field-tested...

  • 2-pack C Cell

    2-pack C Cell


    These Polaroid 2-Pack C Cell Alkaline Batteries are formulated to provide dependable power, bringing long life to the devices you depend on and enjoy. This two-pack of Polaroid C Cell Alkaline Batteries will keep lights, toys, electronic games, and much...

  • Sf18650b Surefire Battery


    Sf18650b Surefire Battery


    The SF18650B is a Lithium Ion-protected 18650 battery with MICRO-USB charge capability. This allows the user to conveniently charge the battery using any USB power source such as a USB wall charger, computer/laptop, power bank, or automotive USB port...

  • Sc1 Spare Battery Carrier


    Sc1 Spare Battery Carrier


    The SC1 Spares Carrier holds six 123A lithium batteries plus one of following shorter style lamp assemblies: P60, P60L, P61, P90, P91, R30, R60, MN01, MN02, MN03, MA02. Made from see-through impact-resistant polymer. Spares Carriers are must-have items...

  • Z68 Tailcap


    Z68 Tailcap

    $29.00 - $39.00

    The Z68 tailcap switch provides both momentary-on and constant-on activation €” press for momentary Scout Light or flashlight activation, press further to click the light into constant-on mode, click again for off. The raised guard around the push-button...

  • Tactical Light Case (TLC)


    Tactical Light Case (TLC)


    The ultimate accessory for any ASP XT, Triad, Poly, Tungsten, T1, Sentinel, Pro or Garda flashlights. The Tactical Light Case (TLC) is no ordinary belt case - it's a ''protection, portation and presentation'' solution, designed for our demanding law...

  • Green Filter-strion


    Green Filter-strion


    When it comes to innovative, ruggedly dependable, and reliable lights and lasers few companies can offer the line that Streamlight has. Their products are extensively tested in their intended arena by those who have to depend on them to keep themselves...

  • Mini Maglite Cap

    Bust A Cap

    Mini Maglite Cap


    Easily attachable to your existing flashlight or baton, the Bust A is a rapid entry tool that was designed by a 13-year veteran of one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the United States. This glass breaking cap is being utilized by law...

  • Switch Assembly - 691136-1


    Switch Assembly - 691136-1


    Sometimes parts go missing or need replacement. Keep your Streamlight flashlight in top working condition with authentic OEM factory parts. The Streamlight Switch Assembly fits Streamlight Vantage Flashlights. Don't get caught in the dark, keep shining...

  • Mounting-charging Rack


    Mounting-charging Rack


    The Streamlight Orange LiteBox Mounting Rack is designed with a large push button allowing you the ability to easily take the flashlight off the charger. And, it's easy to push the button even with gloves on! This charger accepts either the AC or DC...

  • E-flood Upgrade Kit


    E-flood Upgrade Kit


    The Streamlight E-Flood Upgrade Kit has six bright white C4 LEDs with 615 lumens in high (shines for up to 413 ft) and runs for 8 hours. For an extended runtime of up to 18 hours, just change the brightness level to low with 330 lumens (shines for up to...

  • Top Assembly Orange Standard - Litebox


    Top Assembly Orange Standard - Litebox


    This top assembly from Streamlight is used to encase the Litebox or Firebox lights. The top is made from a hard plastic that absorbs shocks and does not scratch. The top assembly comes in the same color orange as the original.

  • Battery Flashlight - 45630


    Battery Flashlight - 45630


    Genuine Streamlight 45630 replacement battery. Works with HID LiteBox, E-Flood LiteBox HL and Portable Scene Light Rechargeable Lantern. The Portable Scene Light uses two batteries.

  • Battery




    6 pack of the AAAA alkaline replacement batteries for the Streamlight Stylus and Stylus Reach flashlights.

  • Anti Roll Ring


    Anti Roll Ring


    Keeps flashlight from rolling when placed on a flat surface. To be used on Stinger, Polystinger, Stinger XT, Stinger LED and Stinger DS LED.

  • 5 Unit Bank Charger


    5 Unit Bank Charger


    For setups with multiple flashlights in use, the Streamlight Stinger 5 Unit Steady Charger is the perfect way to organize and power up your favorite Streamlight products. The heavy duty charger features five bays to charge various Stinger model...

  • Charger For Slb-26  Battery


    Charger For Slb-26 Battery


    Streamlight now offers SLB-26 USB batteries for our products that accept them. Charge your batteries - one or two at a time - in the dual input charging cradle. It uses either USB or traditional AC/DC power sources for a wide variety of battery charging...

  • Fire Vulcan Led Switch


    Fire Vulcan Led Switch


    Streamlight Fire Vulcan Switch is a replacement activation switch for the Streamight Fire Vulcan LED Flashlight. This Streamlight replacement partincludes the external flip-up power switch that activates the flashlight.

  • Led Module


    Led Module


    Streamlight 3N White LED Module for 3N ProPolymer Flashlights is part of our comprehensive stock of replacement Streamlight parts. The Streamlight 62221 is a LED Module which integrates with the Streamlight 3N ProPolymer Flashlights. Our wide assortment...

  • Strion Light


    Strion Light


    Know where you are aiming with the Streamlight Strion Rail Mount. The Streamlight Rail mount kit makes it easy to attach the high powered Streamlight Strion to your gun giving you light in the darkest situations while still keeping your hands on your...

  • Strion Grip Ring Pack


    Strion Grip Ring Pack


    The Streamlight Grip Ring accessory will fit a variety of Strion flashlights. If you need a way to clip your flashlight to your belt orpocket then this grip ring is perfect for you.

  • Ir Filter - 69115


    Ir Filter - 69115


    Streamlight Flip Lens for Streamlight PolyTac (not HP), TLR-1, TLR-2 and ProTac HL USB series flashlights. The lens fits over the bezel of the light and incorporates a flip-open housing to easily switch from a red light to white light. Genuine...