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Tactical Holsters

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  • Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    This drop leg holster is constructed of durable PVC material and hangs your pistols at about mid-thigh, easily within reach for a fast draw. The molded universal holster fits most standard sized handguns, and three magazine pouches on the left side of...

  • The Outback


    The Outback


    DeSantis Gunhide has done it again! The Outback is a freshly designed OWB/IWB holster that is ambidextrous and two sizes fit almost all concealable handguns. It is built from center cut steer hide and finished with durable polyurethane and sewn with...

  • Black


    Tactical Holster - RBT17


    The RBT Tactical Series is an active retention holster. To un-holster your firearm, unfasten the safety strap and remove the firearm in a deliberate and rapid upward motion. When re-holstering your firearm, insert the barrel first into the muzzle stud,...

  • Infidel Max Holster w/ Light or Laser


    Infidel Max Holster w/ Light or Laser


    The Infidel Max Holster with Light or Laser is an all Kydex holster with adjustable cant, and modular design, allowing the user to order only the mounting hardware they desire. The holster is inside the waistband and can be configured to with a Infidel...

  • Black


    Model 6384 ALS OMV Tactical Holster


    This 6384 open top holster features the Automatic Locking System (ALS), an internal locking device that retains the weapon in all directions with no snaps or straps to manipulate. This holster is optimized for use with a MOLLE vest. Key to comfort and...

  • Bedside Matters


    Bedside Matters


    The Bedside Matters is an ambidextrous mattress holster which keeps your personal firearm close at hand while in bed. The upper component slides between mattress and box spring and is made of our very sticky Superfly material. The holster component will...

  • QB OWB Kydex Holster - Modular Fit


    QB OWB Kydex Holster - Modular Fit


    The QB is an all Kydex Outside the Waistband holster perfect for general range use, competition or concealed carry. The QB has a quick on and off attachment and will work in any competitive shooting sport. Product Features: Kydex Holster Body for Smooth,...

  • Black


    Model 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster


    Safariland is excited to extend the Pro-Fit series of concealment holsters. The GLS Pro-Fit is now available in an inside-the-waistband model. The 575 will fit most popular compact and sub-compact pistols. It provides a fully adjustable cant. This...

  • Model 7520 7TS SLS EDW Clip-On Style Holster


    Model 7520 7TS SLS EDW Clip-On Style Holster


    The 7520 is a holster for electronic discharge weapons (EDW) only. The holster features the Self-Locking System (SLS) allowing for a smoother, single-motion draw. The hood can only be released by being simultaneously pushed and rotated forward. This...

  • Black


    Model 6004 SLS Tactical Holster - 1099883

    $218.50 - $235.00

    The Safariland Model 6004 Tactical holster is built for comfort as well as functionality. This Tactical holster features the Self Locking System (SLS) rotating hood system which is so well suited for the tactical situations encountered today. The hood on...

  • Infidel Ultra Max IWB Hybrid Holster


    Infidel Ultra Max IWB Hybrid Holster


    The Kydex body on the Infidel Ultra Max provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. The smooth, low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of...

  • Model 7004-sp10 7ts Sls Single Strap Tactical Holster


    Model 7004-sp10 7ts Sls Single Strap Tactical Holster


    The 7004SP10 tactical holster features the Self Locking System (SLS) rotating hood, well suited for tactical situations. With no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. It features...

  • Black


    Level 3 Tactical Serpa Holster

    $173.45 - $174.95

    When the mission calls for maximum security and retention, the Level 3 Serpa Tactical Holster is a great choice. It features a flexible thigh platform that is breathable and comfortable as well as being very stable. The weapon is held firmly in the...

  • Pro-3 Slim Line

    Uncle Mike's

    Pro-3 Slim Line

    $76.81 - $94.95

    The Pro-3 Duty Holster from Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement has a patented three-point locking system that keeps your firearm right where it belongs. The ergonomic design of this holster works with you in all scenarios, and allows a fast and easy draw by...

  • Black


    Model UM84I Universal Military Holster, I


    Designed to specifically fit a variety of 5 in. semiautomatics such as the Beretta 92 and Colt 1911. Its unique, ambidextrous design, when worn with other Bianchi accessories, provides several different carry options. Gun Fit- Beretta 96 Vertec Gun Fit-...

  • Black


    Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster (with Paddle)


    The Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit brings the unique GLS (Grip Lock System) and SafariSeven together in a holster designed to fit a wide variety of guns. The Pro-Fit is customizable and adjusts to securely fit over 225 firearms. The 578 also features the GLS, an...

  • Powerspeed Universal Speed Holster


    Powerspeed Universal Speed Holster


    The PowerSpeed holster is designed for competition, duty and concealed carry use; the patented PowerSpeed holster is modular, and truly universal. Using only the parts needed for your gun, within seconds the PowerSpeed is easily assembled for left or...

  • Black


    7TS ALS Military Kit


    The model MIL-KIT, 7TS ALS Military Kit features the model 7384 Tactical Holster mounted on a Single Strap Leg Shroud with 568BL Paddle attached. Also included in the kit are the 567BL Injection Molded Belt Loop, an adjustable nylon shoulder harness, and...

  • Black


    Tactical Serpa Holster


    The left-handed Blackhawk 4305 Level 2 Tactical SERPA Holster is a thigh-mounted carry system for your firearm. Its adjustable straps provide a secure fit and the Y-shaped suspension harness distributes load effectively, making it comfortable to carry...

  • Coyote Tan


    S.T.R.I.K.E. Platform w/ Serpa Holster


    This Blackhawk holster for the Beretta M-9 and 92F pistols features their S.T.R.I.K.E. platform, allowing it to be mounted on any equipment fitted with MOLLE or S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing for versatile carry. The mounting system can also be adjusted to any...