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  • Perun Owb Holster - RVN-PXG9TLR1HL3-4

    Raven Concealment

    Perun Owb Holster - RVN-PXG9TLR1HL3-4


    The Perun is designed to be the best modular OWB pancake style holster on the market. It has a body-hugging design that rides high for maximum concealment. The body of the holster is only slightly larger than the pistol contained in it. This small size...

  • Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    Drop Leg Holster & Mag Pouch X4


    This drop leg holster is constructed of durable PVC material and hangs your pistols at about mid-thigh, easily within reach for a fast draw. The molded universal holster fits most standard sized handguns, and three magazine pouches on the left side of...

  • The Outback


    The Outback


    DeSantis Gunhide has done it again! The Outback is a freshly designed OWB/IWB holster that is ambidextrous and two sizes fit almost all concealable handguns. It is built from center cut steer hide and finished with durable polyurethane and sewn with...

  • Serpa Cqc - Matte Finish Holster-sig P365


    Serpa Cqc - Matte Finish Holster-sig P365


    The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster delivers unparalleled handgun security and a smooth draw in a compact, concealable package. The patented SERPA Auto-Lock offers Level 2 retention, and releases by simply dragging the index finger along the...

  • Phoenix Belt Holster

    Galco Gunleather

    Phoenix Belt Holster

    $164.00 - $216.00

    This exceptional sportsman's holster can be used strong side or crossdraw at the user's discretion. The Dual Position Phoenix features stitched sight rails to protect both leather and sights, reinforced thumb break with covered snap for security in the...

  • T-series L2c Black Springfield Hellcat 9 Rh, Box


    T-series L2c Black Springfield Hellcat 9 Rh, Box


    With its streamlined thumb-activated retention, the T-Series keeps your firearm at the ready while maintaining total security. Thanks to a drawing motion that operates off of the Master Grip Principle, you'll be able to get into the fight under even the...

  • CUBL Cantable Universal Belt Loop


    CUBL Cantable Universal Belt Loop


    The Cantable Belt Loop (CUBL) allows the user to choose the cant position on their holster based on their preference. Extremely adaptable, the CUBL integrates with Safariland UBL products and 3-hole patterned holsters.

  • Ankle Guard (Ankle Holster) - AGD664RB

    Galco Gunleather

    Ankle Guard (Ankle Holster) - AGD664RB


    Combining some of the best features of the perennially popular Ankle Glove and the ultra-modern BlakGuard belt holster, the Ankle Guard is a huge step forward in ankle carry. An adjustable internal retention device secures the handgun at the trigger...

  • Blue Duty Holster Series Optics Covered


    Blue Duty Holster Series Optics Covered

    $145.00 - $152.00

    The Blue Duty Holster Series is Comp-Tac's answer to LE customers who want to carry a weapon with a rail-mounted light AND a red-dot optic. The thumb-release bale is designed to work with most red-dot optics on the market, allowing officers to carry the...

  • Serpa Combo Kit - Medium Torso


    Serpa Combo Kit - Medium Torso


    The S.T.R.I.K.E. SERPA Combo Kit incudes a S.T.R.I.K.E. platform with holster, shoulder harness, thigh platform and belt loop, allowing for a wide range of carrying positions for maximum tactical versatility. The holster fits the Beretta M9, 92 and 96...

  • Underwraps Belly Band 2.0

    Galco Gunleather

    Underwraps Belly Band 2.0


    Galco's update of the traditional belly band allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around the midsection, in an infinite variety of configurations. The UnderWraps also enables the user to make instant additions and changes to the...

  • Delta Wing - GG-P110-15

    Gould & Goodrich

    Delta Wing - GG-P110-15


    Outside waistband holster. Sleek, open front, open back design. Includes paddle, belt loop and spacers. Fits belts up to 1-3/4 in.Fits Sig P365

  • Black


    Tactical Holster - RBT17


    The RBT Tactical Series is an active retention holster. To un-holster your firearm, unfasten the safety strap and remove the firearm in a deliberate and rapid upward motion. When re-holstering your firearm, insert the barrel first into the muzzle stud,...

  • Model 4584 Evader Belt Slide holster


    Model 4584 Evader Belt Slide holster


    The Evader features Bianchi's exclusive Auto Retention with the FingerLok internal retention device providing immediate security upon reholstering the firearm. Trilaminate construction with a hard wearing ballistic weave finish for everyday carry. The...

  • Infidel Max Holster w/ Light or Laser


    Infidel Max Holster w/ Light or Laser


    The Infidel Max Holster with Light or Laser is an all Kydex holster with adjustable cant, and modular design, allowing the user to order only the mounting hardware they desire. The holster is inside the waistband and can be configured to with a Infidel...

  • Black

    Gould & Goodrich

    Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster


    The Gould & Goodrich B416 Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster is an innovative weapon portability option that attaches securely to your boot. Simply fasten it into place by threading the boot laces through the holster wrap. This unique attachment option means...

  • Coyote

    5ive Star Gear

    SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard


    The 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard is designed to give you a safe, convenient way to transport your shotgun by shoulder carry or by strapping it to your backpack, rucksack, or padded weapons case. It is made with a rugged and durable ballistic...

  • Inside-the-Pocket Holster

    Uncle Mike's

    Inside-the-Pocket Holster


    This holster reduces print-through recognition, cushions your leg and protect your handgun from perspiration. The non-slip band retains the hole in pocket while the handgun is drawn. Protects from lint and other debris inside your pocket.

  • Tan

    Galco Gunleather

    Avenger Belt Holster


    The Avenger combines all the desirable features of a truly practical holster. Full firing grip accessibility allows an instant shooting grip, a molded sight rail prevent snags on the draw, the reinforced holster opening provides easy eyes-off...

  • Black


    Model 7371 7TS ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

    $68.00 - $82.00

    ALS secures your weapon automatically as it is holstered, yet still allows a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. Built from durable, weather- and temperature-resistant SafariSeven non-marking nylon...

  • Black


    Model 6384 ALS OMV Tactical Holster


    This 6384 open top holster features the Automatic Locking System (ALS), an internal locking device that retains the weapon in all directions with no snaps or straps to manipulate. This holster is optimized for use with a MOLLE vest. Key to comfort and...

  • Chestnut Brown

    Gould & Goodrich

    Yaqui Slide Holster


    G&G Holsters offer additional options for handgun concealment with the features you want. These finely craft holsters combine fantastic value with uncompromised quality and fine finishing touches. Slide this compact Yaqui Holster on your belt and feel...

  • Cf Holster Spacer Kit


    Cf Holster Spacer Kit


    This package from Blackhawk contains two holster spacer kits, designed to be used with the company's range of carbon fiber composite holsters. The three-point spacer design and 8-32 screws are compatible with concealment holsters. The spacer increases...

  • Model X16 Agent Shoulder Holster, Unlined


    Model X16 Agent Shoulder Holster, Unlined


    A comfortable shoulder holster that carries the pistol or revolver in a horizontal position. The holster is crafted from premium leather and is hand boned for a precise fit. The figure-8 suede harness provides a balanced carry without binding. Offside...

  • Vertical Universal Belt Loop


    Vertical Universal Belt Loop


    The Vertical Universal Belt Loop (VUBL) allows the user to choose from Low-ride, Mid-ride or High-ride holster height positions based on their preference. The user can easily raise or lower their holster quickly and without any tools required. The VUBL...

  • Basket Weave International OWB Kydex Holster


    Basket Weave International OWB Kydex Holster

    $78.00 - $85.00

    The International’s all-Kydex body provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. The smooth, low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of the...

  • Black

    Galco Gunleather

    Speed Master 2.0 Paddle/Belt Holster


    Featuring an open top design for speed, covered trigger guard for safety, and tension screw adjustment for added security, the highly versatile Speed Master 2.0 adds convenient on/off ability to the equation when set up as a paddle holster. As a huge...

  • Vertx Mph Sub - Universal Holster - Tactigami


    Vertx Mph Sub - Universal Holster - Tactigami


    Experience the unique storage capability of Vertx Tactigami with the MPH Sub accessory holster. MPH stands for Multi-Purpose Holster, which adapts to fit virtually any sub-compact hand gun. Built from Velcro One-Wrap, this holster literally wraps around...

  • Chestnut Brown

    Gould & Goodrich

    Shoulder Holster


    For nearly 30 years Gould & Goodrich has been relied on by law enforcement and government agencies, military forces, and private firearm owners to provide superior products and personalized service. Every Gould & Goodrich product is designed to support...

  • Black

    Gould & Goodrich

    Inside Trouser Holster


    Compact leather holster provides inside-waistband concealment. Clips to pants or skirt, or to belt up to 1-3/4 in. Open top.Gun Fit- Springfield XD 40

  • Chestnut Brown

    Gould & Goodrich

    Small of Back Holster


    Conceal your gun comfortably at your back. Fits belt up to 1-1/2 in. Adjustable tension screw. Gold Line...The finest genuine leather holsters in the world.Gun Fit- Glock 26 Gun Fit- Glock 27 Gun Fit- Glock 33 Gun Fit- Glock 39

  • V-Hawk IWB Holster

    Galco Gunleather

    V-Hawk IWB Holster


    Galco's patented V-Hawk tuckable IWB reaches unheard-of heights in comfort, speed, stability and versatility! Constructed of premium steerhide, the professional-grade V-Hawk comes complete with both leather 1 1/2 belt loops and tuckable injection molded...

  • Black


    Flex Tuk Holster


    Carry sidearms discreetly and comfortably with the DeStantis Flex-Tuk J Frame Holster. Designed for maximum versatility, this in waistband holster (IWB) can be customized for appendix or cross draw style and anything in between. Whether you prefer your...

  • Black


    Inside Heat

    $50.99 - $56.99

    The Inside Heat is a bare bones minimum IWB holster built from black saddle leather. The precise molded contours provide the weapon retention. The top is reinforced to ease re-holstering and the powder coated spring clip holds it securely to your belt...

  • Hip Holster

    Uncle Mike's

    Hip Holster


    We pioneered the use of nylon in holsters more than 20 years ago and truly revolutionized the industry. Through countless days in the field – with hunters, law enforcement agencies and the military – this incredibly tough, tightly woven material has...

  • Delta Wing - GG-P100-15

    Gould & Goodrich

    Delta Wing - GG-P100-15


    Outside waistband holster. Sleek, open front, open back design. Includes paddle, belt loop and spacers. Fits belts up to 1-3/4 in.Fits Sig P365

  • Tactical Molle Adapter


    Tactical Molle Adapter

    $18.00 - $33.00

    The MOLLE adaptor is designed to fit many Safariland holsters and accessories. The adjustable cant allows for various orientations and angles to suit the needs and preferences of the individual user. The fork allows for easy, secure attachment to pouches...

  • QB OWB Kydex Holster - Modular Fit


    QB OWB Kydex Holster - Modular Fit


    The QB is an all Kydex Outside the Waistband holster perfect for general range use, competition or concealed carry. The QB has a quick on and off attachment and will work in any competitive shooting sport. Product Features: Kydex Holster Body for Smooth,...

  • Black


    Model 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster


    Safariland is excited to extend the Pro-Fit series of concealment holsters. The GLS Pro-Fit is now available in an inside-the-waistband model. The 575 will fit most popular compact and sub-compact pistols. It provides a fully adjustable cant. This...

  • Belt Pouch Holster


    Belt Pouch Holster


    These clever concealment pouches allow you to carry hidden in plain sight. Designed to mimic a camera or tourist pouch, each has a top zipper opening that can remain open or closed with your handgun hidden behind a hook & loop flap. A separate pocket on...

  • Basket Weave Warrior OWB Kydex Holster


    Basket Weave Warrior OWB Kydex Holster

    $81.00 - $85.00

    The Warrior Holster design offers a stealth footprint, outside the waistband carry that is perfect for outside the waistband (OWB) concealment. Easily accessible, designed for a smooth, fast draw the Warrior's close fitting footprint can easily...