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Forensics & Csi

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    Cut-Out ID Tents - 1007119


    The design of these unique crime scene markers makes them the most convenient evidence markers available. Each marker features two 3 x 3 surfaces and a third horizontal surface featuring a distinctive 13/4 cut-out printed with a metric reference scale,...

  • Latent Print Kit

    Forensics Source

    Latent Print Kit


    The latent print brush is stored in a protective tube and held by a clip inside the lid. The tape and Bi-Chromatic fingerprint powder are held in a fitted insert. This kit includes the standard Zephyr Fiberglass Brush. 1 – Kit Box C contains:...

  • Prescan Fingerprint Enhancer Pads


    Prescan Fingerprint Enhancer Pads


    When using “Live Scan” fingerprinting units, the resulting fingerprints are not always perfect. This can often be caused by individuals with worn ridge detail, or as a result of the skin not making good contact with the scanner glass. These problems can...

  • Fingerprint Station


    Fingerprint Station

    $63.00 - $132.50

    This simple, portable fingerprinting station, consists of our standard fingerprint cardholder with large Perfect Print pad mounted on a compact 15.2cm x 43.2cm (6 x 17) fingerprinting platform. The platform has rubber feet on the base to prevent slipping...