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Hydration Packs

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  • H.A.W.G. 100oz Mil Spec Crux


    H.A.W.G. 100oz Mil Spec Crux


    The HAWG is a medium sized pack that is extremely versatile and durable. With over 20L of cargo and a 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux reservoir that offer 25% more water per sip, the HAWG is perfect for medium to long missions. The Air Director back panel and...

  • Squadbak Ql Conversion Kit


    Squadbak Ql Conversion Kit


    With the Camelbak SquadBak QL Conversion Kit, you can retrofit any CamelBak SquadBak to work with Mil Spec Antidote Reservoirs. This Camelbak SquadBak QL Reservoir Conversion System includes two adapters which helps make new Mil Spec Antidote Reservoirs...

  • Cleaning Tablets - CB-2161001000


    Cleaning Tablets - CB-2161001000


    Keep your reservoir and water bottles free from taste and odor and ready for your next adventure. Fast-acting tablets are easy to use and work in just 5 minutes. 8 Cleaning Tablets Per Pack.

  • Black


    Ambush 100oz Mil Spec Crux


    Perfect for shorter missions, the Ambush optimizes the area on a user's back with a wider platform, shorter torso length and reduced stack height. With external access to the 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux Reservoir that provides 25% more water per sip, the...

  • Coyote

    Source Tactical


    $124.00 - $130.00

    Razor is a low profile hydration pouch system, specially designed for integration with MOLLE/PALS based ballistic vests and load bearing equipment.

  • Uta (universal Tap Adaptor)

    Source Tactical

    Uta (universal Tap Adaptor)


    A revolutionary solution for refilling your hydration system on the move. The reservoir is filled directly through the tube eliminating the need to remove the hydration pack from the back for refills.

  • Hydrobak 50oz Mil Spec Crux


    Hydrobak 50oz Mil Spec Crux


    Built for the rigors for of daily use, the HydroBak is an economical hydration solution that is ergonomic and versatile. The included 1.5L, 50oz Mil Spec Crux Reservoir delivers 25% more water.

  • Black

    Source Tactical

    Tactical 3L


    Our most popular hydration system. 3 usage modes: can be worn backpack style, inserted in rucks, or direct-attached to MOLLE on vests or rucks using Source QCA buckle system. Vertical front zipper for fast reservoir access

  • Omega Water Beast Reservoir


    Omega Water Beast Reservoir


    The CamelBak Omega Water Beast is an ultra-durable hydration reservoir designed to survive in the harshest operational environments. It is made from an advanced and highly durable polyurethane material, and collapses as it empties to prevent sloshing. It...

  • Hydrastorm Tidal Rave


    Hydrastorm Tidal Rave


    BLACKHAWK! Tidal Rave 100 oz Tidal Rave is an economic hydration pack designed for basic outings. Drink system protected by Microban antimicrobial technology, market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system make this an ideal...

  • Cleaning Tablets


    Cleaning Tablets


    Hands free hydration systems are convenient, effective and make long hikes and extended missions much more comfortable. The only problem is that empty bladders are extremely hard to clean. Sponges, let alone hands, cannot fit into their small water ports...

  • Hydrolink Conversion Kit


    Hydrolink Conversion Kit


    This conversion kit with Hydrolock from CamelBak is perfect to retrofit any CamelBak Hydration Systems with Hydrolink components. Complete with Hydrolink, Hydrolock and the Hydrolink bite valve adapter with Big Bite valve, this kit is easy to install for...

  • Coyote

    Source Tactical


    $194.00 - $201.00

    High performance SOURCE hydration cargo pack. Features: Generous main compartments with 1 large expandable back compartment featuring pockets and separator to organize small items. Lightweight waistbelt for load stability, mesh structured back for...

  • Coyote

    Source Tactical



    Rider is SOURCE's premier low profile hydration system. It is designed specifically for ballistic vest integration, yet quickly converts for back carriage or ruck insertion. Includes our WLPS hydration bladder.

  • Mil-spec Cleaning Kit


    Mil-spec Cleaning Kit


    The Mil Spec Crux™ Cleaning Kit is the all-in-one tool kit for faster and more effective cleaning and drying. Optimized for reservoirs with Quick Link™ System.

  • Coyote

    Source Tactical

    ILPS 2L Armor System W/ Uta


    Our latest low profile hydration reservoir design, conceived for ballistic vest integration, holds 2L inserted in ballistic vest, 3L in a pack. Maximum utilization of our low profile technology reduces the depth of the carrier, making it a truly low...

  • Wxp 3l Upgrade Kit

    Source Tactical

    Wxp 3l Upgrade Kit


    Upgrade your current hydration pack with our SOURCE WXP Low Profile reservoir for pure water taste, featuring Glass-Like bacteria resistance, and increased reliability. The upgrade kit comes with our UTA Rapid Refill Adapter.

  • Ultimate Source Mc.

    Source Tactical

    Ultimate Source Mc.


    The new FILBE compatible Ultimate SOURCE WXP Low Profile Hydration System comes in a set with our UTA Rapid Refill Adapter and Magnetic Clip. It features our Helix Bite Valve and IRR Tube Cover.

  • Coyote

    Source Tactical

    Repl. Qmt Helix Valve


    Exclusive Helix hydration valve design delivers high performance with minimal bite pressure. New QMT valve tip, offers the convenience of disconnecting the valve so the tube can be easily woven through tight openings. Helix Valve is compatible with Quick...

  • Field Cleaning Kit


    Field Cleaning Kit


    Keep your hydration system clean and running smoothly with the help of the Field Cleaning Kit from CamelBak. Handsfree hydration systems are lifesavers in the field and on long missions, but cleaning them is a challenge. Moisture gets left behind and...

  • Collapsible Water Bag

    5ive Star Gear

    Collapsible Water Bag

    $5.95 - $7.95

    These 5ive Star Gear Collapsible Water Bags are designed to store water safely and securely in a fully collapsible water container. They are made of a heavyweight BPA free PVC material that is very compact and easy to transport with the use of the...