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Tactical & Duty Gear

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    Strong Leather Company

    Recessed Badge Holders For Neck Or Belt


    All models are custom cut to fit your badge. The badge is easily attached by separating the Velcro front and back. A unique pocket holds the chain when not in use and the chain can be easily deployed to wear around your neck for high visibility. We have...

  • Field Cleaning Kit


    Field Cleaning Kit


    Keep your hydration system clean and running smoothly with the help of the Field Cleaning Kit from CamelBak. Handsfree hydration systems are lifesavers in the field and on long missions, but cleaning them is a challenge. Moisture gets left behind and...

  • Cleaning Kit


    Cleaning Kit


    Two brushes and cleaning tabs keep your reservoir taste-free. Dry your reservoir quickly and completely with the hanging reservoir dryer.

  • Hobble Strap

    Gould & Goodrich

    Hobble Strap


    Heavy duty 1 nylon web with snap hook on one end and a permanently attached self-locking alligator clip on other end. Allows for transporting subjects in a seated, upright position, while helping to prevent subject from kicking doors or windows.