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Tactical & Duty Gear

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  • Silver


    UZI Chain Handcuff


    The UZI-HC-C-Pink High Tensile Stainless Steel Handcuffs feature pink coated stainless steel and a double-locking mechanism with (20) locking positions. (2) keys included. Comes in pink. UZI combines advanced technical concepts with innovative designs to...

  • Expandable Baton Holders

    Uncle Mike's

    Expandable Baton Holders


    Injection molded for durability. Same tension arm principle as our magazine pouches to keep baton in place. 16 model retains previous flexible design with body. Hole in back to permit holstering fully-extended baton

  • Police Model W/ Key Chain - MS-80812


    Police Model W/ Key Chain - MS-80812


    Mace Triple Action pepper spray is like three sprays in one, combining the effects of OC pepper spray, tear gas, and UV dye. The benefit of this spray is that perfect aim is not required, as assailants can be affected even if they are not hit directly in...

  • Mini Model Pepper Spray


    Mini Model Pepper Spray


    Mace KeyGuard Mini Model Pepper Spray packs a punch in a tiny package. The mini-model KeyGuard maintains the effectiveness promised by Mace with its Maximum Strength Formula 10% OC Pepper and can be refilled after use. However, Mace's Mini is slender and...

  • Compact Triple Action Spray


    Compact Triple Action Spray


    This Triple Action Pocket model features the original Mace Flip & Grip design for safe and fumble-free defense. The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. Additionally, its compact size and...

  • Sport Pepper Spray


    Sport Pepper Spray


    An adjustable strap secures Sport Pepper Spray to your hand for smart, effective protection while you're on the go. Ideal for walking, jogging or running, this pepper spray empowers you to move with style and confidence.

  • Police Model W/ Key Chain


    Police Model W/ Key Chain


    When you want to be able to protect yourself in your car or in your home, you want police quality protection. Mace offers just that in their 10% PepperGard Police Stream Spray 18 grams. The PepperGard contains OC formula with 10% pepper heat plus a UV...

  • Personal Pepper Spray - MS-80725


    Personal Pepper Spray - MS-80725


    Don't let its color fool you. Made with a powerful formula, the Personal Pepper Spray provides tough protection in stressful situations. Readily accessible and easy to use, this pepper spray takes the stress out of self defense. And, thanks to reliable...

  • Personal Pepper Spray


    Personal Pepper Spray


    Don't let its color fool you. Made with a powerful formula, the Personal Pepper Spray provides tough protection in stressful situations. Readily accessible and easy to use, this pepper spray takes the stress out of self defense. And, thanks to reliable...

  • Magnum 3 Pepper Gel


    Magnum 3 Pepper Gel


    You don't have to worry about wind blowback or misfires. Thanks to gel stream technology, the Mace Magnum 3 pepper gel allows you to quickly hit the mark and protect yourself against threats from a distance. Compact and easy to carry, all you have to do...

  • Green Filter-strion


    Green Filter-strion


    When it comes to innovative, ruggedly dependable, and reliable lights and lasers few companies can offer the line that Streamlight has. Their products are extensively tested in their intended arena by those who have to depend on them to keep themselves...

  • OD Green


    S.T.R.I.K.E. Flashbang Pouch

    $20.45 - $24.95

    Keep your flash grenade in a secure place with the rugged Blackhawk Flashbang Pouch. Made from durable nylon, this pouch easily mounts to any PALS/MOLLE or S.T.R.I.K.E. platform. Simply weave the integral straps on the back of the pouch in and out of the...

  • Switch Assembly - 691136-1


    Switch Assembly - 691136-1


    Sometimes parts go missing or need replacement. Keep your Streamlight flashlight in top working condition with authentic OEM factory parts. The Streamlight Switch Assembly fits Streamlight Vantage Flashlights. Don't get caught in the dark, keep shining...

  • Guard 3.5

    Code Red Headsets

    Guard 3.5


    This Code Red Guard 3.5 earpiece features a soft hook construction that combines durability and comfort. The listen only earpiece slides right over the top of the ear, staying securely but gently in place. Choose between the 14 inch and 40 inch cords,...

  • Black


    Micro Wallet


    The Micro Wallet is truly a minimalist's wallet with an ID window, two internal card compartment, and one external slip compartment. Perfect for your drivers license, some credit cards, a few $20 bills, and a spare key. Some call this the ''bikini'' of...

  • Coyote Brown

    Voodoo Tactical

    Molle Gas Mask Pouch


    Designed to hold your gas mask, it also makes a great utility pouch for other gear, including a poncho or a couple of MREs. Attach it to your tactical vest or chest rig when you need to carry some gear, but don't want to haul around a pack. Measures 10...

  • Sentinel Single Handcuff Case

    Uncle Mike's

    Sentinel Single Handcuff Case


    Constructed from ultra-durable, military-grade materials, the case offers maximum strength with minimal weight. An ergonomic design holds standard chain link handcuffs, making the Sentinel a convenient and versatile addition to any law enforcement...

  • 1500d Desiccant

    Pelican Products

    1500d Desiccant


    Pelican silica gel will help prevent condensation from forming inside cases. Condensation will form in a case when you take it from a warm to cooler environment.

  • Vertx M.a.k. Standard Pocket Mini-mag - Tactigami


    Vertx M.a.k. Standard Pocket Mini-mag - Tactigami


    Experience the unique storage options of Vertx Tactigami with the MAK Standard accessory system. MAK stands for MAGs and Kit, meaning our patent pending wrap adapts to fit smaller gear, from MAGs to flashlights, cell phones and more. Built from Velcro...

  • Quick Release Cuff Case

    Boston Leather

    Quick Release Cuff Case

    $14.54 - $21.00

    The 5521 is a Quick Release Handcuff Case that fits the 2.25 Sam Browne Belt. Access your cuff quickly with the flick of your thumb. Made of top grain leather and fits standard handcuffs.

  • Hip Holster

    Uncle Mike's

    Hip Holster


    We pioneered the use of nylon in holsters more than 20 years ago and truly revolutionized the industry. Through countless days in the field – with hunters, law enforcement agencies and the military – this incredibly tough, tightly woven material has...

  • Tactical Molle Adapter


    Tactical Molle Adapter

    $18.00 - $33.00

    The MOLLE adaptor is designed to fit many Safariland holsters and accessories. The adjustable cant allows for various orientations and angles to suit the needs and preferences of the individual user. The fork allows for easy, secure attachment to pouches...

  • Model 8010 Mini-light Holder - Patroltek


    Model 8010 Mini-light Holder - Patroltek


    The PatrolTek Mini-Light Holder features a full flap with exclusive Roll Top lid which helps secure the light in position. Designed to accommodate AA-cell lights, this unit can be had with either hook & loop or hidden snap enclosure. Contour molded for...

  • Gray


    Mini Mag AAA Hang Pack

    $17.06 - $20.86

    The Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA Flashlight with Clip (Black) from Maglite is a very compact and durable design made in the USA. The Mini Maglite features a bright and adjustable spot to flood beam, and is powered by 2 AAA batteries that last 2.5 hours...

  • Blue

    Emi - Emergency Medical

    Star-Power Illuminator


    When instant light is needed, EMI's Star Power will provide you with brilliant illumination in the palm of your hand. By extending Star Power telescoping body, it instantly illuminates the 10 powerful LED lights. When the lights retract into the body the...

  • Versa-cone Carry Bag With Strap


    Versa-cone Carry Bag With Strap


    This attractive, bright yellow nylon carrying case can be used to transport and store up to 20 of our Evi-Paq Versa-Cones. A business card holder sewn into the side can be used to identify a specific set of cones, or used for identification if the bag is...

  • Black

    Boston Leather

    Glove/Mask Pouch

    $14.37 - $18.30

    Will hold two pairs of disposable gloves or one pair of gloves and one resuscitator Fits up to 2 1/4 belt Top grain leather

  • Uk/au 240v Ac Usb Plug


    Uk/au 240v Ac Usb Plug


    The Bandit - a lightweight, sleek headlamp designed just for you, for work or play. It's USB rechargeable and provides 180 lumens of widespread white light.

  • Mean Green Defense Spray

    Fox Labs International

    Mean Green Defense Spray


    Walk with confidence knowing you are protected by the Mean Green H2OC Key Chain Pepper Spray by Fox Labs. Specially formulated for maximum stopping power, the personal pocket defense device is guaranteed to stop would be aggressors in their tracks. A...

  • Mk-4 Foam


    Mk-4 Foam


    With 1.33 percent major capsaicinoids, this Sabre Red pepper spray is one of the strongest single ingredient pepper sprays on the market. The spray produces a 3.3 ounce foam spray and is equipped with UV dye to help you identify suspects on the job.

  • Single Handcuff Duty Case

    Uncle Mike's

    Single Handcuff Duty Case


    Featuring a single-piece design, the case delivers superior durability while taking up minimal rig space. By eliminating unnecessary seams and attachment points, the carrier has less opportunity to fray or come apart. Its ergonomic design delivers total...

  • Black


    TakeDown MK-IV

    $17.65 - $18.73

    The TakeDown line of personal defense sprays maintains the 40 year tradition of high-quality law enforcement products manufactured by Mace. A revolutionary self defense spray that combines OC pepper and foam to produce a powerful defense during an attack...

  • Bhle High Ride Belt Loop


    Bhle High Ride Belt Loop


    The SERPA High Ride Duty Belt Loop Attachment is a convenient accessory from Blackhawk! designed for compatibility with their popular line of SERPA duty holsters. The molded slots allow for a higher ride position of holsters along duty belts. The raised...

  • Cig-plug W/fuse & Right Angle

    Pelican Products

    Cig-plug W/fuse & Right Angle


    Make sure you're prepared for an emergency by charging your rechargeable Pelican flashlight with this 12 volt cigarette lighter fast charger from Pelican Products. Keep this travel adapter in your car or truck and charge your flashlight in three to four...

  • Takedown Relief Spray Mk-iii


    Takedown Relief Spray Mk-iii


    TakeDown Relief Decontamination Spray dramatically reduces pepper spray decontamination time. Relief spray is formulated using a natural herbal extract. Spray mist onto effected areas of the skin to drastically reduces decontamination time.

  • White

    Forensics Source

    Flex Cuff Restraints

    $17.75 - $1,553.00

    Constructed of nylon for dimensional stability and flexibility, the Flex-Cuf was designed to be a quick, temporary alternative to handcuffs. The unique Strength Barb System contained within the Flex-Cuf head makes them virtually pick-proof. It features a...

  • Switch Assembly


    Switch Assembly


    TLR Switch Assembly - Fits all TLR-1 and TLR-2 series lights. Sometimes parts go missing or need replacement. Keep your Streamlight flashlight in top working condition with authentic OEM factory parts. The Streamlight Switch Assembly fits Streamlight...

  • Yellow Barricade Tape

    Pro-line Traffic Safety

    Yellow Barricade Tape


    Warn people of danger or keep people away with the Pro-Line Barricade Tape. Pro-Line Safetys barricade tapes are great for marking off dangerous areas. Barricade tapes are made of safety yellow polyethylene.

  • Red


    MiniMag 2 Cell AA Flashlight w/Holster


    The Mini Maglite with Holster provides a stream of light continuously for up to 3-1/4 hours, making it ideal for use in emergencies. A high/low switch helps you control the output of light up to 14 lumens, and the flashlight offers up to 615 ft. of...