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Specialty & Wearable

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  • Stinger Switchblade


    Stinger Switchblade

    $141.75 - $178.50

    Multitaskers, say hello to your dream multi-function work light. Five lights in one: Its a droplight; its a hands-free light; its a bright white light; its a light with Streamlights Color-Rite Technology; its a UV light.

  • Helmet-mounted Multi-function Dual-light Flashlight


    Helmet-mounted Multi-function Dual-light Flashlight


    The NSP-4650B Helmet-mounted Multi-Function Dual-Light Flashlight is the most versatile choice for helmet-mounted hands-free lighting. The 4650 outshines the competition with its powerful 220 lumen tightly-focused Flashlight and a beam distance rating of...