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Barrels & Accessories

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  • Ar15 Armorer's Barrel Wrench - Gen 2


    Ar15 Armorer's Barrel Wrench - Gen 2


    M4/16/AR15 Armorer's wrench Gen 2. Multiple tools combined in one package which assists in disassembling/ assembling of M4/16/AR15 type rifles. Slim profile wrench with multiple functions to attach traditional barrels/foregrip and free-float handguards.

  • Easy Grip Handguard Removal Tool

    Real Avid

    Easy Grip Handguard Removal Tool


    The name says it all. Ergonomic grips make one handed changing of handguards on AR15s and M16s a breeze. Simply hook to the empty magwell, place the contoured rods around the Delta Ring, squeeze the handles and pull down to compress the Delta Ring...

  • Shim Kit, 5/8-24


    Shim Kit, 5/8-24


    Surefire Shim Kit, 5/8-24. This kit contains quality stainless steel shims assembled by Surefire. Use this kit to properly index your muzzle device. Designed with an outer diameter of .770 & and inner diameter of .635, this kit works with 5/8 x 24 TPI...

  • Socom Muzzle Brake


    Socom Muzzle Brake


    SureFire SFMB muzzle brake suppressor adapters greatly reduce both recoil impulse and muzzle rise so that your weapon tracks straight back, keeping you on target for faster shot-to-shot recovery. Our proprietary Impulse Diffusion design minimizes side...

  • Top Ar15 Mod's

    Real Avid

    Top Ar15 Mod's


    To serve the huge base of AR15 owners who are fueling the growth of aftermarket accessories, we created a master GUN DIY instruction manual. It€™s packed with easy-to-follow, photo illustrated, step-by-step, how-to-do-it directions for the 18 most...

  • Hand Gun Go Sleeves


    Hand Gun Go Sleeves

    $21.99 - $25.99

    A perfect alternative to a Slideboot if you have custom handguns with flashlight/laser or revolver and want the best protection for them. Three different sizes made for small, medium and large frame hand guns. Low profile design and constructed of 3mm...

  • Smart Bench Block

    Real Avid

    Smart Bench Block


    Made from engineering grade resin, this intelligently designed gunsmith block helps protect gun finishes. The non-slip outer ring keeps the block from sliding on tables or benches while driving pins. An embedded magnet captures and holds driven pins so...

  • Lug-lok Upper Vise Block

    Real Avid

    Lug-lok Upper Vise Block


    Traditional clamp style upper blocks fit poorly and can exert enough inward pressure to damage the receiver when applying torque to a barrel nut or flash suppressor. That€™s bad design. So, we designed an upper block that leverages the strongest part of...

  • Ar15 Armorer's Master Kit

    Real Avid

    Ar15 Armorer's Master Kit


    This kit of Master Grade Tools and how-to information equips you to confidently tackle everything from building your own gun from the ground up to customizing or modifying an existing gun. With better tolerances, materials and expanded capability, every...

  • Bolt Catch Punch Set

    Real Avid

    Bolt Catch Punch Set


    Two punches, one simple solution to the difficult to access bolt catch retaining pin. The orientation of the pin, close proximity to the lower receiver, distance required to safely punch a pin and the difficulty in getting the pin started makes it a real...

  • Accu-punch Hammer & Ar15 Pin Punch Set

    Real Avid

    Accu-punch Hammer & Ar15 Pin Punch Set


    Gunsmithing hammers and punches are core tools needed to modify or disassemble firearms. Most sets available today are generic repurposed hardware sets. Accu-Punch Hammer & Punch sets are designed from the ground up to work better on guns. The hammer...

  • Smart-fit Ar15 Vise Block

    Real Avid

    Smart-fit Ar15 Vise Block


    The Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block is the last lower vise block you€™ll ever need. The patent pending block expands to fit any .223 / 5.56mm AR15 magwell, making loose, sloppy fitting blocks a thing of the past. Insert the block into the magazine well and...

  • Bore Alignment Rods


    Bore Alignment Rods

    $79.00 - $109.00

    SureFire Bore Rods are valuable tools that will ensure proper concentricity along the bullet flight path when firing suppressed on a new platform. The rod most closely represents the bullet flight path and will show any misalignment, if present. SureFire...

  • Shim Kit, Sf3p / Sfmb / Warcomp-556, 1/2-28


    Shim Kit, Sf3p / Sfmb / Warcomp-556, 1/2-28


    Surefire Shim Kit, SF3P / SFMB / Warcomp-556, 1/2-28. Made of quality stainless steel, this shim kit assembled by Surefire is an ideal solution to properly index your muzzle device. Designed with an outer diameter of .700 & and inner diameter of .510,...

  • Universal Rear Sight Tool


    Universal Rear Sight Tool


    Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool designed for: Removal, Installation, and Adjusting windage of dovetailed rear sights for most Semi-Auto Pistol slides. The Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool works with many types of semi-auto slides: full, compact, sub...

  • Double Pistol Case

    5.11 Tactical

    Double Pistol Case


    A quick, convenient, and highly functional sidearm storage solution, the case provides safe and secure transportation for your pistol and shooting gear.

  • Armadillo - Water Resistant Gun Cover


    Armadillo - Water Resistant Gun Cover


    If you use your rifle, shotgun or AR in an area that frequently sees rain or snow you need the Armadillo. A pack-able cover constructed of silent, lightweight, water-resistant material. Protects from muzzle to stock and works with all sling types...

  • Ares Adaptive Retention System

    Otis Technology

    Ares Adaptive Retention System


    The ARES Adaptive Retention System installs easily onto any MOLLE system carrier and is compatible with a wide variety of weapon platforms with the QD attachments or AR integrated attachments. Your firearm will always be in a manageable, safe and secure...

  • Black


    Sportster Traversetrack Bipod


    Combining pivot and traverse functions with a time-tested bipod design, the Traverse Pivot Bipod is an industry first. The new horizontal traverse feature allows you to steadily track a moving target or change from target to target without repositioning...

  • Bcm Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit

    Bravo Company Usa

    Bcm Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit


    The BCM Extractor Spring is a heavy coil design made for the increased extractor tension required on many AR15, M4, M16 short barreled rifles. This product also improves the reliability on a standard 16'' and 14.5'' carbines.

  • Gunsmith Mat


    Gunsmith Mat


    Our Hogue gunsmith mat is made from 100% recycled material left over from our rubber OverMolded grip and stock manufacturing process. Colors may vary depending on available inventory.

  • Remington Sidesaddle Rail Mount

    Lyman Products

    Remington Sidesaddle Rail Mount


    Ultra-rigid, this innovative lightweight aluminum unit straddles both sides of the receiver and is crafted with a non-glare anodized finish. The top Picatinny rail can mount a variety of accessories, yet is designed to sit just high enough to allow...

  • Sidewinder Tactical Nvg Mount


    Sidewinder Tactical Nvg Mount


    Durable, compact quick release mount accepts all Sidewinder series flashlights. Patented compound action design allows for one handed installation, removal and operation of light on mount without the risk of inadvertent release. Full 360 degree rotation...

  • Black


    Sportster Bipod


    This durable bipod features a proven, time-tested design for field or benchrest shooting. Compact and lightweight design. No-rust anodized legs with increased spring tension. Spring-return telescoping legs.

  • KeyMod Picatinny Rail Section, Aluminum

    Bravo Company Usa

    KeyMod Picatinny Rail Section, Aluminum

    $23.00 - $34.00

    Available in three Lengths: 3-inch (5 slot), 4-inch (7 slot) and 5.5-inch (11 slot). Features a Snag resistant design, while retaining Mil-Standards specs. Self-contained assembly, eliminates the possible loss of mounting hardware. Fits ALL KeyMod...

  • 15 MLOK Handguard

    Sharps Bros

    15 MLOK Handguard

    $130.95 - $144.95

    15 Ultra Lite MLOK Hand Guard (Includes Barrel Nut & Hardware).  Made of 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black per mil-spec MIL-A-8625F, TYPE III, CLASS 2.

  • Ar15 Midlength Barrel

    Fn America

    Ar15 Midlength Barrel


    FN AR-15 Button Rifled Barrel 16 OAL M16, Mid Length Gas System, 5.56x45mm. Styled to reflect the M16 platform and made from strong mil-spec steel with black manganese phosphate finishing, this 16 button rifled FN America barrel is an ideal choice for...

  • Extended A2 Flash Suppressor

    Bravo Company Usa

    Extended A2 Flash Suppressor


    The A2X is an extended version of the A2 flash hider found on the M16 and M4 series of rifles. When mounted per BATF specifications for a permanent installation it will bring your 14.5 M4 barrel to a non-NFA length of over 16.1. Installation should be...

  • Sopmod Bolt Upgrade/rebuild Kit

    Bravo Company Usa

    Sopmod Bolt Upgrade/rebuild Kit


    Based on the SOPMOD designed bolt upgrade and rebuild package, this kit is designed to breathe new life into your bolt assembly. The bolt assembly is the heart of your AR15 rifle system and preventative maintenance used by professions insures these...