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ProX PX03 Level II Carrier Package

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The ProX series offers access to NIJ Standard-0101.06 protection at an affordable price. Delivering both extreme value and availability in custom-sized solutions. ProX II PX03 is a Honeywell Gold Shield 2117, Honeywell Gold Flex, Teijin Twaron construction. The ballistic panel is covered in 70 denier Ripstop with TPU lamination system. It is special-threat tested against 9mm 127 gr. +P HST, 9mm 127 gr. +P+ SXT, .357 Sig 125 gr. GDHP and the .40 S&W 165 gr. SXT. NIJ test protocol certifies models to specific performance standards, while special threat testing uses the same facilities and conditions to test popular rounds specific to regional threats.