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Plastic Case & Quick Release Clip

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Smith & Wesson's pride and workmanship resonates throughout their self-defense series of pepper sprays. The Smith & Wesson SWP-1403 .5 oz pepper spray with plastic case and quick release clip packs the power equivalent of 2 million Scoville heat units, harnessing the potency of pepper oils to create the active ingredient oleoresin capsicum (.15%). According to leading authorities, the trademark Smith & Wesson formula is more harmful than tear gas, causing severe impairment to a potential attacker's eyes and respiratory system, and even marks an assailant with a unique UV dye. The SWP-1403 has an effective range of up to ten feet, atomizing in a cone-shaped dispersal pattern. This Smith and Wesson item is equipped with a storage canister and quick-release clip, ensuring safe transport and easy access. The SWP-1403 .5 ounce pepper spray comes highly recommended by law enforcement and military officials as a leader in self-defense products.