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Other Blades & Accessories

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  • Camp Axe


    Camp Axe


    Designed for hammering and chopping, this compact axe makes a great outdoor tool. Its light weight and small size makes it easy to transport and stow.

  • Sogfari Machete - SOG-MC01-N


    Sogfari Machete - SOG-MC01-N


    Our machetes are exciting additions to the SOG family. Its not should I have a machete but which size will work for me. Machetes are one of the more useful edged tools in the world. They have cleared brush, and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made...

  • Gunstock Trapper Knife

    Old Timer

    Gunstock Trapper Knife


    The Trapper, a perennial favorite among knife enthusiasts everywhere, is as classic and versatile as they come. Boasting a full-length clip point blade and a full-length spey blade, the Trapper has something for everyone. This particular version of the...

  • Freescape Hatchet

    Gerber Gear

    Freescape Hatchet


    This evolved hatchet features efficient strength in a slim profile. With a new black PTFE coating on the blade and a unique grind technique, the steel blade is sharper than ever. Expect clean cuts far longer than average from this smart axe, for use at...

  • 9 Hatchet (formerly Back Paxe Ii)

    Gerber Gear

    9 Hatchet (formerly Back Paxe Ii)


    Gerber axes, like all of our products, are built to face down challenges. Taken along on a camping trip or applied for use in the yard, the 9 Hatchet is light in mass and tough in the blade. Featuring an innovative easily-removed sheath that still...