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  • Ration




    For those with larger hands or who just prefer a little more length in their cutlery, Kershaw brings you the Ration XL. It's a new version of our popular Ration eating utensil and it offers all the tools of the original Ration, but is 60% larger overall...

  • Wedge-pump Wedge Extra Large

    Pro-lok Tools

    Wedge-pump Wedge Extra Large


    The Extra Large Pump Wedge is a larger version of the popular AO65 Pump Wedge. This is a unique and versatile tool for expanding openings to unlock vehicles. Great for use with any Long Reach Tool and hanging doors. The inflatable wedge made of...

  • Truss Multi-tool

    Gerber Gear

    Truss Multi-tool


    The Truss is an all-inclusive multi-tool, with 17 tools built to the exacting needs of the professional user in a size-conscious design. This full size multi-tool aims to remove excess heft while keeping all of the functionality. The result is a...

  • Door Gapper Dual Tool

    Pro-lok Tools

    Door Gapper Dual Tool


    The double sided Door Gapper Dual Tool makes Auto Entry easy!  This tools features a Traditional Wedge on one end and a Door Gap Tool on the other.  Use the rubber pivot to provide leverage in creating space to insert the AO65 Pump Wedge or AO65-VXL...

  • Strap Cutter

    Gerber Gear

    Strap Cutter


    With an innovative design that shields the cutting edge, this tool serves its purpose in emergency situations. The 420HC steel hook knife cuts through anything, the molded rubber grip and finger hole add stability, and a glass breaker wastes no time.

  • Suspension Multi-plier

    Gerber Gear

    Suspension Multi-plier


    A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. The easily accessed butterfly design features spring-loaded pliers and a lightweight frame for long days and tired hands. With 12 other...

  • Uzi Pliers Combo Set


    Uzi Pliers Combo Set


    Detailed Product Description: UZI Pliers Combo Set, 16 Tools in all, Black coated Stainless Steel Multi-Tools, Spring loaded grip, aircraft grade Aluminum, includes key chain survival tool containing 5 additional tools. The UZI-GS-001 Pliers Combo Set...

  • Gun Tool AMP - Pistol

    Real Avid

    Gun Tool AMP - Pistol


    The gun multi-tool has been reimagined and the next generation has arrived. Gun Tool AMP is a completely new animal. Platform specific and specialized with transformer-like self-storing capability where the dual-purpose driver and bit set serve as a...

  • Doohickey Pocket/key Ring Multi Tool


    Doohickey Pocket/key Ring Multi Tool


    The Nite Ize Doohickey is a key sized multi-tool you can carry with you all the time for easy access to five indispensible tools. It includes a box opener, bottle opener, wrench, ruler and flat head screwdriver in one compact package. Compact and easy to...

  • Ar15 Front Sight Adjuster

    Real Avid

    Ar15 Front Sight Adjuster


    This smartly designed tool makes front sight adjustments quick and easy. The stainless steel shaft is knurled to create no-slip leverage when turning tight posts. It works on both A1 & A2 front sights and the compact design won€™t clutter up your bag.

  • Suspension-NXT

    Gerber Gear



    Now in blacked out! Taking design cues from the original, the Suspension-NXT is the evolution of the classic multi-tool design. Boasting an increased tool count of 15 in a smart everyday carry package, it is equipped with a pocket clip that is easily...

  • Short Stack

    Gerber Gear

    Short Stack


    The answer to your field cleaning and maintenance needs, this revolutionary three-piece design is magnetic, smartly designed, and able to fit snugly into Magpul MOE and MIAD pistol grips. Always on hand and the first of its kind, this tool is loaded with...

  • Gun Tool Core - Ar15

    Real Avid

    Gun Tool Core - Ar15


    Compact and fully capable, the Gun Tool CORE-AR15 is the ideal tool for performing critical €œkeep shooting€ tasks on your AR15 like removing carbon from every surface on and in your BCG, clearing jams, punching stubborn takedown pins or on-the-fly...

  • Gun Tool Pro

    Real Avid

    Gun Tool Pro


    Made for rifles and shotguns, Gun Tool Pro€™s rock-solid frame features 30 hard-working tools. Two-inch long bits fit into the magnetic 1/4€³ driver and 1/4€³ wrench for extra torque. It features two files, a locking claw-point knife and a removable...

  • Micro Tool - AR15

    Real Avid

    Micro Tool - AR15


    Real Avid Micro Tools take gun specific functionality and pack it into a micro sized tool to take with you wherever you go. A multitude of breakdown, cleaning, adjusting, and sighting-in options are available in the pint size tools that are as welcome on...

  • Gun Tool

    Real Avid

    Gun Tool


    The Gun Tool is the original, shooter€™s multi-tool. This patented design features 18 of the most frequently used firearm tools. Its ergonomic body, weighing in at only 7 ounces, is designed to give you a perfect grip, proper leverage and ideal torque...

  • Dime Micro Tool

    Gerber Gear

    Dime Micro Tool


    The idea is simple: always be prepared. The Dime is a mini multi-tool with an impressive list of features, ensuring you are ready for anything. This butterfly open tool fits on your keychain yet has 12 useful tools. Available in multiple colors and a...

  • Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool

    5ive Star Gear

    Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool


    The 5ive Star Gear Multi-Purpose Survival Tool is the size of a credit card and easily fits in your wallet so you can have it on hand for any situation. This survival tool includes a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position...

  • ParaShears




    A focused multi-tool designed specifically for first responders, ParaShears come complete with a mission-specific toolset that features 12 components, including shears, strap cutter, glass breaker, oxygen wrench and tweezers. Leveraging SOG's proprietary...

  • Tactical Glassbreaker Pen


    Tactical Glassbreaker Pen


    Be prepared wherever you go with this tactical pen from UZI. UZI's unique pen is part writing instrument, part defensive tool, and part rescue tool with an emergency glassbreaker all in one. Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, the UZI-TACPEN8-BK is...

  • Pt-1




    The new PT-1 (Pry Tool-1) adds less than an ounce of weight to your key chain while adding three additional functions to your arsenal: a bottle opener and cap lifter, a screwdriver tip, and a mini pry bar.

  • 2-in-1 Tool For Glock

    Real Avid

    2-in-1 Tool For Glock


    This is the essential armorer€™s tool for Glock owners. Precisely machined steel matches the quality of your gun. It combines the ability to completely disassemble your gun for cleaning and maintenance with the ability to change front sights. It will...

  • 4-in-1 Tool For Glock

    Real Avid

    4-in-1 Tool For Glock


    This is the essential armorer€™s tool for Glock owners. Precisely machined steel matches the quality of your gun. It combines the ability to completely disassemble your gun for cleaning and maintenance with the ability to change front sights. It will...

  • Power Assist


    Power Assist


    The new PowerAssist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to...

  • Gun Tool Pro - Ar15

    Real Avid

    Gun Tool Pro - Ar15


    When it comes to mission-specific tools, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is packed with functionality. Thirty-five highly-capable tools in a tactical, rugged frame, work with ease and precision to keep AR15s firing reliably and accurately. From tear down and...

  • Gray




    The PowerLitre is a mini-multi tool with that delivers full-sized utility, including the first SOG multi-tool to include a corkscrew. The Litre comes equipped with a magnetic hex bit holder, and of course it features SOG's Compound Leverage that provides...

  • Fini Universal Choke Wrench

    Real Avid

    Fini Universal Choke Wrench


    This pocket sized tool is the most versatile choke wrench ever. It fits most brands and all gauges between .410 and 10 gauge. The hefty stainless steel blade is built to stand up to stuck-and-stubborn choke tubes and is housed in an over-built aluminum...