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    Pocketable, streamlined, and comfortable: the PowerAccess is the ultimate EDC multi-tool. Equipped with our patented gear-driven Compound Leverage mechanism, the PowerAccess doubles the torque at plier jaws maintaining grip and reducing chances of...

  • Shard Keychain Tool - Card Packaging

    Gerber Gear

    Shard Keychain Tool - Card Packaging


    The Gerber Shard Keychain is one of the most simple Gerber tools. This keychain is the perfect tool to accompany your keys. However, don’t let its size and weight, or lack thereof, mislead you. With only 7 cm and 21 grams you might be inclined to...

  • Diesel Multi-Plier - 22-41545

    Gerber Gear

    Diesel Multi-Plier - 22-41545

    $89.00 - $99.00

    Big. Tough. Capable. Versatile. The Diesel is all of these things and more, available to you at the flick of a wrist. With true one-handed deployment, this tool is the ultimate in efficiency. The industrial strength components are larger and stronger,...

  • Multi-Plier 600 - 47550

    Gerber Gear

    Multi-Plier 600 - 47550

    $72.00 - $79.00

    As the #1 selling multi-tool platform to the US military, the MP600 series has been to hell and back. Serving those who serve, this tool is built to be tough and accessible. A one-hand opening design is crucial, as is the durable stainless body, the...

  • Multi-Plier 600

    Gerber Gear

    Multi-Plier 600


    As the #1 selling multi-tool platform to the US military, the MP600 series has been to hell and back. Serving those who serve, this tool is built to be tough and accessible. A one-hand opening design is crucial, as is the durable stainless body, the...

  • Door Gapper Dual Tool

    Pro-lok Tools

    Door Gapper Dual Tool


    The double sided Door Gapper Dual Tool makes Auto Entry easy!  This tools features a Traditional Wedge on one end and a Door Gap Tool on the other.  Use the rubber pivot to provide leverage in creating space to insert the AO65 Pump Wedge or AO65-VXL...

  • Diesel Multi-plier

    Gerber Gear

    Diesel Multi-plier


    Like the men and women who carry our gear, Gerber is unstoppable. Decades of innovation and dedication have put us here. Renowned as a master of knives and tools, gerber's problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of...

  • Strap Cutter

    Gerber Gear

    Strap Cutter


    With an innovative design that shields the cutting edge, this tool serves its purpose in emergency situations. The 420HC steel hook knife cuts through anything, the molded rubber grip and finger hole add stability, and a glass breaker wastes no time.

  • Suspension Multi-plier

    Gerber Gear

    Suspension Multi-plier


    A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. The easily accessed butterfly design features spring-loaded pliers and a lightweight frame for long days and tired hands. With 12 other...

  • Uzi Pliers Combo Set


    Uzi Pliers Combo Set


    Detailed Product Description: UZI Pliers Combo Set, 16 Tools in all, Black coated Stainless Steel Multi-Tools, Spring loaded grip, aircraft grade Aluminum, includes key chain survival tool containing 5 additional tools. The UZI-GS-001 Pliers Combo Set...

  • Gdc Zip Blade

    Gerber Gear

    Gdc Zip Blade


    Gerber understands that being prepared isn't a one time occurrence, it is a way of life. The Gerber Daily Carry series is designed to keep you one step ahead with portable, easy to use tools that connect to your zipper or keychain. The range of tools can...

  • Suspension-NXT

    Gerber Gear



    Now in blacked out! Taking design cues from the original, the Suspension-NXT is the evolution of the classic multi-tool design. Boasting an increased tool count of 15 in a smart everyday carry package, it is equipped with a pocket clip that is easily...

  • Powerlock




    The PowerLock’s success over the years has been documented by countless testimonials where the PowerLock starts when other tools stop. It is our workhorse and the center for our entire Multi-tool line. Flip opening, locking components, gear covers,...

  • Flint




    It's hard to find as many survival features in an item as one would in the Flint. The Flint packs enough survival and defensive components to get you through the night or away from danger. In a tool the size of a pencil, the Flint has a built-in fire...

  • Multi-plier 600 - Needlenose

    Gerber Gear

    Multi-plier 600 - Needlenose


    As the #1 selling multi-tool platform to the US military, the MP600 series has been to hell and back. Still inclusive of everything that makes the original great, this version of the tool features replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters. Some...

  • Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool

    5ive Star Gear

    Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool


    The 5ive Star Gear Multi-Purpose Survival Tool is the size of a credit card and easily fits in your wallet so you can have it on hand for any situation. This survival tool includes a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position...

  • Powerlock Eod


    Powerlock Eod


    Using the proven PowerLock chassis, SOG is the only company to apply Compound Leverage technology to EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), this makes it a breeze to crimp blasting caps. Another unique SOG feature is the positioning of the crimper device...

  • ParaShears




    A focused multi-tool designed specifically for first responders, ParaShears come complete with a mission-specific toolset that features 12 components, including shears, strap cutter, glass breaker, oxygen wrench and tweezers. Leveraging SOG's proprietary...

  • Tactical Glassbreaker Pen


    Tactical Glassbreaker Pen


    Be prepared wherever you go with this tactical pen from UZI. UZI's unique pen is part writing instrument, part defensive tool, and part rescue tool with an emergency glassbreaker all in one. Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, the UZI-TACPEN8-BK is...

  • Pt-2




    The PT-2 (Pry Tool-2) comes in at less than an ounce as well and offers a bottle opener and cap lifter, a pry bar, two screwdriver tips, a wire scraper, and 3 sizes of hex drives.

  • Doohickey Keychain Multi-tool


    Doohickey Keychain Multi-tool


    Made of durable stainless steel, the Nite Ize DoohicKey features a half-dozen tools that do everything from tighten bolts and screws to open a bottle of refreshment, all in a simple key tool that fits in the palm of your hand. On one end of the DoohicKey...