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Misc. Pouches

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  • Strong Leather Company

    Strong Leather Company

    Strong Leather Company


    Ensure your badge is secure whether it's kept in your breast pocket or worn on your belt, thanks to the Velcro closure on this Strong Leather Company clip on badge holder. Its black leather construction adds rugged durability and exudes a professional...

  • Double Play Cuff And Magazine Pouch


    Double Play Cuff And Magazine Pouch


    The A15 Double Play Cuff and Magazine Pouch from DeSantis is a compact carrier that holds two essential law enforcement tools--handcuffs and spare magazines. Featuring an adjustable paddle mount, the carrier can be easily secured and removed from duty...

  • Clip-on Badge Holder

    Strong Leather Company

    Clip-on Badge Holder


    Keep your badge within reach with this Strong Leather Company clip on badge holder. This oval badge holder uses Velcro to secure your credential. It features a pocket on the back for storing a neck chain and makes it easy to deploy the chain to wear your...

  • LE Blue

    High Speed Gear

    Duty LEO Platform MOLLE


    Our Duty line of TACOs functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden shock cord, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most rifle and pistol caliber magazines, radios, shotgun shell trays, flash bangs, multitools,...

  • OD Trail

    5.11 Tactical

    2 Banger


    This 5.11 Tactical 2 banger bag is designed for quick prep operations or day long excursions. This bag will ensure you stay fully prepared for any situation. This bag will allow you to store two 5.56mm magazines and all of your crucial tactical gear in a...

  • Stun Gun TACO Adaptable Belt Mount

    High Speed Gear

    Stun Gun TACO Adaptable Belt Mount


    Although you will find many uses for this pouch, it was designed for law enforcement officers who needed a TACO style solution for the X26 and X2. The rigid webbing sides allow it to expand while still providing a sturdy and stable shape to securely hold...

  • Magnetic IFAK Pouch


    Magnetic IFAK Pouch

    $66.39 - $69.59

    One of the most widely used medical pouches for military and Special Operations Teams are IFAK's. Made from multiple layers of fully laminated, high strength Nylon and laser cut to prevent the material from fraying over time with high use. SENTRY IFAK...

  • Magnetic Tourniquet Pouch


    Magnetic Tourniquet Pouch

    $34.39 - $38.39

    SENTRY's magnetic tourniquet kit features a magnetic front access panel for medical supplies and a pull tab to remove the tourniquet from its storage area. A Velcro band around the tourniquet keeps the tourniquet secured to the pull tab preventing it...

  • IFAK Medical Pouches


    IFAK Medical Pouches

    $39.99 - $67.99

    One of the most widely used medical pouches for military and Special Operations Teams are IFAK's. SENTRY's line includes 3 different sizes of Individual First Aid Kit's (IFAK) pouches. Made from multiple layers of fully laminated, high strength Nylon...

  • Tourniquet Medical Pouches


    Tourniquet Medical Pouches

    $23.99 - $37.59

    One of the most important pieces of medical equipment for use in the field is a tourniquet. At SENTRY, we have developed 3 different kinds of tourniquet pouches to suit your needs. A basic zippered tourniquet pouch, our innovative pop-up tourniquet pouch...

  • ETAK Fixed Platform Pouch

    Eleven 10

    ETAK Fixed Platform Pouch

    $37.04 - $41.79

    The Eleven 10 ETAK (Enhanced Trauma Aid Kit) is designed to hold critical medical items with the first responder and tactical officer in mind. Compact and durable, this kit has all of the essentials, and is made with premium, duty-proven materials. It...

  • Taser Pouch


    Taser Pouch


    Enhance Elbeco’s external vest carriers with BodyShield Accessories.Loose pouches are available in all BodyShield fabric colors and are sewn to the vests at dealer locations to accommodate the user’s preference.

  • Sentry Wallet


    Sentry Wallet

    $9.59 - $11.99

    The SENTRY card wallet will securely hold business cards, credit cards, I.D., etc. Made from the same high strength laminate that the SENTRY pouches are and comes complete with the new 1080-2 mounting pattern for great looks and matches the rest of your...

  • Electronics Pouch


    Electronics Pouch

    $63.99 - $68.79

    SENTRY manufactures a complete accessory pouches. Constructed from multiple layers of high strength Nylon laminate which is laser cut to prevent the material from fraying over time with high use. The unique space saving design eliminates seam tape...

  • Dump Pouch


    Dump Pouch

    $37.59 - $39.99

    SENTRY manufactures a complete accessory pouches. Constructed from multiple layers of high strength Nylon laminate which is laser cut to prevent the material from fraying over time with high use. The unique space saving design eliminates seam tape...

  • Shooter's Pouch

    Voodoo Tactical

    Shooter's Pouch


    The tough 20-Round Shooter's Pouch from Voodoo Tactical holds twenty rounds of .308/.223 ammunition. Elastic cording retains ammunition and allows for smooth retrieval of rounds for reloads. A hook-and-loop flap cover provides effortless one-handed...

  • Belt Keeper


    Belt Keeper


    The Bianchi PatrolTek 8006I slide-on belt keepers are designed for use with the Model 8100 Web Duty Belt or other 2 inch wide design. They attach it securely to your trouser belt, fastening the two belts together for a secure, movement-free fit. Each...

  • Double Latex Glove Pouch


    Double Latex Glove Pouch


    This lightweight pouch from Blackhawk is a useful piece of equipment for law enforcement officers and first responders. It fits up to two pairs of latex gloves, essential for first aid and crime scene investigations. It is made from a durable,...

  • Model 7316 Silent Key Holder


    Model 7316 Silent Key Holder


    The Model 7316 AccuMold Silent Key Holder holds standard key rings and features the exclusive Roll Top wraparound closure to hold keys securely and silently. Available in dual belt loop design to conveniently fits both 2 in. and 2.25 in. duty belts.

  • Teardrop Badge Holder


    Teardrop Badge Holder


    The U29 Teardrop Badge Holder from DeSantis is a convenient and professional way to carry a duty badge. Fitted with versatile carry options, wearers can either employ the 1.75-inch heavy-duty spring steel clip and attach it securely to a gun belt or...

  • Night Ops Pouch


    Night Ops Pouch


    Unique hybrid design allows for either belt or MOLLE mounting. Belt loop has hook and loop inside for lateral stability on configured belts. Can fit belts up to 2.5 wide. Includes speed clip for mounting on MOLLE-type platforms. Funnel-shaped design...

  • Personal Weekend Wallet

    Strong Leather Company

    Personal Weekend Wallet


    Strong designed the Centurion line of imported badge cases, wallets, badge holders and other products to meet your requirements. All the products are made of genuine leather and the quality you expect. Most badge cases and wallets have turned edges for a...

  • Silent Key Ring Holder


    Silent Key Ring Holder


    Often stealth is everything and the last thing an officer wants is to give away their location with the jingling of keys. DeSantis offers the N14 Nylon Duty Silent Key Holder as a perfect solution to keeping keys secured and noiseless. The black nylon...

  • OD Green


    S.T.R.I.K.E. Flashbang Pouch

    $20.45 - $24.95

    Keep your flash grenade in a secure place with the rugged Blackhawk Flashbang Pouch. Made from durable nylon, this pouch easily mounts to any PALS/MOLLE or S.T.R.I.K.E. platform. Simply weave the integral straps on the back of the pouch in and out of the...

  • Omega Elite M16


    Omega Elite M16


    The new enhanced version of the Blackhawk model 561602BK has internal dividers to separate the mags and has an elastic retention system to prevent the mags from slapping or ejecting from the pouch.

  • Black

    Strong Leather Company

    Deluxe Hidden Badge Wallet


    This upgraded version offers the same advantages of badge and ID concealment. It also boasts more card slots along with a license window, money and photo sections.

  • OD Green

    High Speed Gear

    Duty Multi-Access Comm TACO U-MOUNT


    The Duty line of TACOs functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden bungee, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most handheld radios and issued personal communications devices.

  • Elastic Ankle Wallet


    Elastic Ankle Wallet


    The DeSantis Ankle Wallet easily accommodates a wallet, or similarly sized personal items. It secures comfortably around either ankle with strong Velcro. A velcro flap holds the contents securely in place. Holds a standard sized men's wallet, in a secure...

  • Nypd Badge Holder


    Nypd Badge Holder


    The U30 NYPD Badge Holder from DeSantis is designed specifically to meet the needs of the New York Police Department. The holder includes a recessed cutout made especially to accommodate the shape of their police officer badge, providing a guaranteed...

  • City Slicker


    City Slicker


    The Desantis City Slicker coin purse, Style M63 is built from fine glove leather and lined with sturdy pack cloth. It has a removable pants clip and a strong nylon hand strap. The City Slicker will carry all of your coins and other small heavy items with...

  • Emt Scissor / Shear Holder Rig

    Boston Leather

    Emt Scissor / Shear Holder Rig


    Boston Leather has been producing fine leather goods since 1938. In the early 1940's they began to focus their efforts on the law enforcement community. Their leather is produced in the United States, tanned in the United States, and Boston Leather's...

  • Steelie Phone Kit


    Steelie Phone Kit


    The Steelie Car Mount Kit from Nite Ize allows you to attach any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to any vehicle dash with unlimited viewing angles. It is sleek, compact, versatile, adjustable, and easy to use. The kit includes two specially...

  • Elastic Tie Down With Clip


    Elastic Tie Down With Clip


    Carry sidearms with confidence when using the Elastic Tie-Down with Clip from DeSantis. As a law enforcement or tactical professional, secure sidearm carry is a critical part of the job. With this strap, there is no question as to whether a holster has...

  • Flex Rescue Pouch

    5.11 Tactical

    Flex Rescue Pouch


    5.11’s Flex Double AR Mag Pouch easily attaches to all platforms via Flex-HT Mounting System. It features a concealed PC retention insert, so you can secure your mags without a cover or bungee for quick access.

  • Keyrack Locker


    Keyrack Locker


    Made of high quality stainless steel, the KeyRack Locker features a sturdy, secure carabiner gate closure that allows you to clip your keys onto and off of belt loops, zipper pulls, purse straps, second key rings “ anything with a loop or D-ring. But the...

  • Black


    Rollypoly MM Folding Dump Pouch


    The Rollypoly is Maxpedition's licensed adaptation of the elegant MM Folding Dump Pouch design. Precisely sized to hold seven M4 30-rnd mags, stacked either vertically or horizontally, it also functions as a dump pouch for shotgun shells, M4 magazines,...

  • Black


    Mega Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch


    The Mega Rollypoly is our super-sized folding dump pouch for collecting small game, carrying stuff you buy at the local gun show, or hampering dirty laundry during travel. Paracord cinch and Hook & Loop flap lid secure top. Since this is a larger bag...

  • Black


    Mini Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch


    The Mini Rollypoly is a folding dump pouch designed to hold a standard 32 oz. / 1L Nalgene or smaller water bottle. Bungee cord cinch and hook-and-loop flap lid secure top. Attach using one (1) 3'' TacTie Attachment Straps (sold separately) or the belt...

  • Coyote Brown

    Voodoo Tactical

    Molle Gas Mask Pouch


    Designed to hold your gas mask, it also makes a great utility pouch for other gear, including a poncho or a couple of MREs. Attach it to your tactical vest or chest rig when you need to carry some gear, but don't want to haul around a pack. Measures 10...

  • Sportster Pistol Rug


    Sportster Pistol Rug


    The Blackhawk! Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is a rugged case offering ample storage for handguns, ammo and safety gear. Made of 600 denier polyester with a PVC laminate, the bag integrates a dual slider top that opens to a large central storage compartment...

  • Black

    Strong Leather Company

    Double Id - Dress


    These dress cases hold 2 ID cards, separated by a suede divider. They are great for concealed carry permits. Double ID cases are available in a variety of sizes. For all badge fit information, please refer to the link below. Badge manufacturer and...