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Holster Accessories

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  • Double Accessory Leg Strap


    Double Accessory Leg Strap


    Leg strap replacement for standard tactical holster rigs. This strap runs through the leg shroud and secures the leg shroud to your thigh.  This is for a single strap only.  Available in Black and FDE.

  • Model 6004-14 Thigh Plate For Single Strap Leg Shroud


    Model 6004-14 Thigh Plate For Single Strap Leg Shroud


    This Thigh Plate is a replacement part for Safariland tactical holster leg shrouds. It has a slot for a single elastic single leg strap (sold separately). It is made of injection molded nylon for durability and flexibility and it features mounting holes...

  • FDE Brown


    Model 6004-DFA Drop Flex Adapter (DFA)


    The 6004-DFA Drop Flex Adapter allows user to wear a thigh rig below the hip without shifting the weight farther down the leg and keeps the rig from sliding on belt. This design moves the thigh plate higher on the leg, providing added stability for thigh...

  • Model 567BL Injection Molded Belt Loop


    Model 567BL Injection Molded Belt Loop


    This 567BL injection molded polymer belt loop is designed for use on standard 3-hole pattern holsters. It can be adjusted for cant and allows for cross draw. This belt loop comes in seven sizes to fit belt widths from 1.5” to 2.25” (38mm - 58mm) and...

  • Black


    Model 745BL Clip-On Holster Belt Loop

    $19.00 - $39.00

    The 745BL Belt Clip is designed with a 3-hole pattern, allowing interchangeability among various Safariland holsters. Made of durable nylon and clips on/off without having to remove the belt and/or other accessories. Fits belts with widths from 1.5...

  • Oval Spacer-kit


    Oval Spacer-kit


    For use with Safariland 3-hole patterned holsters. Positions upper portion of holster farther away from body without spacing the bottom any further, giving an increased outward cant. Designed to customize holster placement to accommodate various shapes...