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  • Magnetic Powder - LP-1-0120

    Forensics Source

    Magnetic Powder - LP-1-0120


    Kit Box A, 21.3cm x 11.4cm x 4.3cm (83'8 x 41/2 x 111'16) Black Magnetic Powder, 84g (1oz.) Silver/Gray Magnetic Powder, 124g (1oz.) Magnetic Powder Applicator

  • Easy Print Desk Pad


    Easy Print Desk Pad

    $7.30 - $38.50

    Featuring a firm thermoplastic surface, ink rises to the surface of the pad quickly and prevents dry or worn spots from forming over time. Rich, black fingerprints are produced which meet all state and federal agency requirements. Once fingerprinting is...

  • Printmatic Flawless Ink Pad


    Printmatic Flawless Ink Pad


    This revolutionary new concept for recording fingerprints features a specially designed microporous membrane that features a pore size of 7 to 10 microns affording a higher degree of detail in the fingerprint impression. It produces thousands of rolled...

  • Standard Size Fiberglass Brush With Plastic Handle


    Standard Size Fiberglass Brush With Plastic Handle


    These are unquestionably the finest brushes available for developing latent fingerprints. Thousands of specially selected fiberglass filaments form a cloudlike, soft cluster that retains powder and eliminates the constant powder replenishment required...

  • Fingerprint Station


    Fingerprint Station

    $60.00 - $128.80

    This simple, portable fingerprinting station, consists of our standard fingerprint cardholder with large Perfect Print pad mounted on a compact 15.2cm x 43.2cm (6 x 17) fingerprinting platform. The platform has rubber feet on the base to prevent slipping...

  • Perfect Print Pad - ID-PI30


    Perfect Print Pad - ID-PI30


    Perfect Print ink pads, from Identicator, can be used on any plain paper and produce sharp, black fingerprints. The hard, ceramic surface features micropores which allow ink to quickly rise to the surface of the pad and prevents worn or dry spots from...

  • Lightning Powder

    Lightning Powder

    Lightning Powder

    $7.30 - $117.00

    For maximum contrast against a dark-colored background, Lightning White Powder is recommended. Use a dedicated Zephyr Fiberglass Brush for white powder to avoid contamination from other colors of powder.

  • Magnetic Powder

    Lightning Powder

    Magnetic Powder

    $9.30 - $10.30

    The Safariland 1/2oz Black Magnetic Disposable Powder is one-time-use, disposable jar of fingerprint powder that will eliminate the possibility of cross-contaminating your current crime scene. Each jar of clean, fresh powder is hermetically sealed with a...

  • Porelon Fingerprint Pad


    Porelon Fingerprint Pad


    This pocket-sized pad, introduced by SIRCHIE more than 20 years ago, is the accepted STANDARD by law enforcement world wide. Each pad may be used to record thousands of fingerprints. A two-year supply of ink is impregnated in each pad (based on 75°F with...

  • Perfect  Print Tube


    Perfect Print Tube


    Perfect Print ink is a special paste-type fingerprint ink for use with slabs and rollers and our Printmaster inkers.