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  • 1 1/2 Five-snap Belt

    Boston Leather

    1 1/2 Five-snap Belt


    10-12 ounce, drum dyed full grain English Bridle leather Made with the same quality materials and superior craftsmanship as our duty belts

  • Gunnar Low Profile Operator Belt


    Gunnar Low Profile Operator Belt

    $129.99 - $142.99

    The SENTRY Gunnar Low-Profile Operator Belt is constructed from 1.75 inch high strength nylon webbing and features the industry trusted quick release Cobra Buckle. Internally it has the ''loop'' portion of the hook and loop to quickly fasten to the Inner...

  • Black


    24-7 2Ply Range Belts


    A durable, comfortable belt that's great for duty or civilian applications. This two-ply 1 3/4in wide belt made of ridged, durable, fade and rip resistant nylon webbing and is secured by a non-corrosive anodized aluminum buckle with a tapered tip that is...

  • MultiCam

    High Speed Gear

    Laser Sure Grip Slotted Padded Belt


    The Laser Sure-Grip Padded Belt is the newer design of the old class Sure Grip Padded Belt with Laser cut 1000D Cordura to provide the end user with a comfortable, stable and versatile belt system. The laser cutting allows the belt to be ten percent...

  • Coyote


    Padded Patrol Belt Pad


    An extremely comfortable belt pad that allows attachement of pouches or other accessories via S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing. Closed-cell foam will not absorb moisture or perspiration S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing for attaching pouches or accessories Secured by 2.25...

  • Junior 2 Ply Sap

    Boston Leather

    Junior 2 Ply Sap


    Two-ply Black, 8 1/4 long - 10 1/2 ounces Durable, heavy gauge leather encases molded lead weight with spring steel shank

  • OD Green

    High Speed Gear

    High Speed Low Drag Suspenders


    HSGI Suspenders are constructed of 1.5 webbing with elastic shock-cord loops to minimize shock and stress created when reaching overhead or other activities. The connecting points to the belt allow for use over Rigger's belts or around entire padded...

  • Double Belt Keepers (2 Pack)


    Double Belt Keepers (2 Pack)


    ASP Keepers are designed for retention. Each Keeper in the series is constructed from premium top grain American cowhide. They provide long years of service. The Keepers assure a precise fit and secure retention of duty accessories. These custom designs...

  • Black


    Rigger's Belt


    Security and ease of use are of paramount importance in tactical situations, and no one understands this better than BLACKHAWK Emergency deployment just got easier with our new CQB/Rigger’s belt with COBRA buckle. The buckle and adapter meet exacting...

  • Coyote Brown

    High Speed Gear

    Sure Grip Slotted Padded Belt


    Carry all the gear needed for a day in the field securely on the waist using the Sure Grip Padded Belt from High Speed Gear. Designed to offer all day comfort, the belt features the durability and versatility needed to securely hold the weight of a...

  • OD Green

    High Speed Gear

    Duty Grip Padded Belt


    The High Speed Gear HSGI: LASER Duty-Grip Padded Belts was introduced to be an excellent solution to make sure your pants continue to be up. Built employing some of the very best possible materials on the market, these Belts from High Speed Gear will...

  • Black


    Model 7955 ErgoTek Duty Belt 2.25 (58mm)


    The Model 7955 ErgoTek Duty Belt features a 4-part laminate construction for firmness and holster support. Ergonomic load support cushions on the inside of the belt helps to distribute weight evenly over the entire waist for comfort during all-day wear...

  • Black

    5.11 Tactical

    Basketweave Leather Belt

    $48.00 - $57.00

    Built to support plainclothes duty or covert operations, our 1.5” Leather Casual Belt was engineered with direct input from undercover officers in the field.

  • Coyote Brown

    High Speed Gear

    Laser Slim Grip Slotted Padded Belt


    This new version is of HSG's modular padded belt system is constructed with a laser-cut, proprietary 1000D Cordura laminate. This belt's slotted design allows inner belts to be woven under and over the MOLLE panels, making it compatible with both MOLLE...

  • Explorer Duty Belt

    Boston Leather

    Explorer Duty Belt


    2 1/4 Wide 10-12 Ounce, Drum Dyed Full Grain English Bridle leather Fully capable of carrying any and all accessories Heavy weight dual prong roller buckle is used to secure the belt Low cost alternative to the traditional Sam Browne

  • Wolf Gray

    High Speed Gear

    Slim Grip Padded Belt


    The High Speed Gear Slim-Grip Padded Belt is the next generation of the HSGI padded belt family. It is designed to provide the comfortable, no-slip stability necessary for reducing back strain and general discomfort so frequently caused by loose-fitting,...

  • Black

    5.11 Tactical

    Traverse Double Buckle Belt


    A superior multi-purpose belt, the Traverse Double Buckle is 1.5” wide and features enhanced strength and durability in a comfortable low profile design. Ideal for both casual and duty wear, the Traverse Double Buckle Belt easily supports a holster and...

  • Black

    Boston Leather

    1 3/4 Lined Garrison Belt

    $37.14 - $51.60

    10-12 ounce, drum dyed full grain English Bridle leather Extra layer of leather lining Made with the same quality materials and superior craftsmanship as our duty belts

  • Black


    Reinforced Duty Belt

    $62.95 - $65.95

    All of the great features of our Reinforced Web Duty Belt plus the addition of a nylon loop inner surface to mate up with the nylon hook of Blackhawks inner duty belts means more stability for your duty belt and more secure mounting of your accessories.

  • Black

    Boston Leather

    1 1/4 Off Duty Belt


    10-12 ounce, drum dyed full grain English Bridle leather Made with the same quality materials and superior craftsmanship as our duty belts Postal Approved if stamped, Postal Approval number is required, please request when ordering Used by sports...

  • Brown

    5.11 Tactical

    Arc Leather Belt

    $60.00 - $69.00

    A premium quality belt ideal for both patrol and CCW casual wear, the 1.5” Arc Leather Duty Belt is crafted from strong and durable 4mm matte leather that easily supports the weight of your holster without twisting or sagging.

  • Double Snap Belt Keepers - H76-4CLBR

    Gould & Goodrich

    Double Snap Belt Keepers - H76-4CLBR

    $5.47 - $21.88

    Belt keepers affix the duty belt to the trouser belt to help support the weight of the firearm and all the necessary accessories an officer needs to carry. These keepers from Gould and Goodrich have a dual brass snap and help give your belt a...

  • Black

    5.11 Tactical

    Maverick Assaulters Belt

    $110.00 - $125.00

    Comfortable, ergonomic, and designed for one time fit and forget convenience, the Maverick Assaulter's Belt features a patented AustriAlpin buckle assembly that gives you quick attach and detach capability but remains stable and secure when worn.

  • Inner Trouser Belt


    Inner Trouser Belt


    The Blackhawk Law Enforcement Trouser Belt is designed to form the inner layer of a duty belt. Its tough, long-lasting nylon hook surface attaches securely to the inside of the outer layer, forming a high-strength belt system that won't fold over under...

  • Deluxe Duty Belt

    Uncle Mike's

    Deluxe Duty Belt


    The Deluxe Inner Belt is a constructed from a single, sturdy layer of 1.5 wide nylon web. It closes and adjusts for length and a perfect fit with hook and loop instead of a buckle for comfort under your duty belt. The Deluxe Inner Belt, combined with...

  • Foliage


    Model 7221 Ballistic Weave Belt


    The Model 7221 Duty Belt features skived ends to allow a lower profile around buckle.Constructed of ballistic weave material. 2 (50 mm) belt width. The 3X buckle provides extra security from inadvertent release. To open, depress the center button...

  • Black


    Buckleless Duty Belt, 2.25

    $94.50 - $102.50

    The Model 94 is a Buckleless duty belt made of Safarilaminate construction with hook lining running the full length of the belt. This allows it to attach to the loop band on the Model 99 belt - completing the Buckleless System. Comes in 2 and 2.25 (58mm)...

  • 7235 - Duty Belt System, 2.25 (58mm)


    7235 - Duty Belt System, 2.25 (58mm)


    The Model 7235 Duty Belt system includes a duty belt, liner belt, and 4 keepers. The outer belt features a durable 5-part laminate construction for firmness and holster support. It comprises a ballistic weave exterior with loop lining, and an internal...

  • Ergonomic Padded Duty Belt


    Ergonomic Padded Duty Belt


    This law enforcement duty belt from Blackhawk comes with a nylon loop back, designed to attach securely to an inner belt to form a double-layered system. It is made from ultra-tough molded Cordura, and features padded edges to prevent it from cutting in...

  • Coyote Brown

    High Speed Gear

    Inner Belt


    This belt is a basic inner belt lined with hook Velcro to mate up with the loop on our COBRA Rigger Belts and belt-mounted TACO. At 1.5 wide, it is compatible with most pant belt loops.

  • Black

    5.11 Tactical

    Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus

    $70.00 - $80.00

    Developed with feedback from field officers, the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus provides superior support and adaptability for your tactical loadout, and is built from ultra-strong 1680D nylon, with a waterproof finish.