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  • Pistol Cleaning Kit

    Otis Technology

    Pistol Cleaning Kit


    Whether competition shooting or plinking in the backyard, this gun cleaning kit covers basic maintenance for pistols. The unique cotton patches create swabs for 360 degree coverage, ensuring a proper Breech-to-Muzzle clean for .22-.45cal. pistols. Two...

  • Gun Boss - AR15

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss - AR15


    Big functionality in a small rugged package that easily fits into a pack or range bag. A chamber brush, carbon scraper, gas tube brush & mop help to clean more than the bore and keep your bolt cycling reliably. No annoying loose parts, every component is...

  • AR15 Scraper

    Real Avid

    AR15 Scraper


    A dirty bolt carrier group (BCG) is the #1 cause of AR15 malfunctions. Carbon is the enemy and it quickly builds up in hard to clean areas. This precision made tool gives you the power to easily demolish carbon from 12 surfaces on the bolt carrier, bolt,...

  • Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush


    Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush


    This precision designed phosphor bronze bore brush features rounded, smooth bristle tips. The straight, thicker wire bristles (rather than crimped) offer more effective cleaning power. This brush will not easily bend with force down the bore, and will...

  • Accu-grip Picks & Brushes

    Real Avid

    Accu-grip Picks & Brushes


    For years guns owners have been relying on homemade tools to clean the crud out of the deepest crevices of their firearms. We created a superior line of picks and brushes that gives you complete control when cleaning hard to reach areas, comfortably fits...

  • Master Cleaning Station - Universal

    Real Avid

    Master Cleaning Station - Universal

    $49.99 - $69.99

    Introducing the world€™s first Master Cleaning Stations. Designed to empower gun owners to thoroughly clean their entire guns from bore, breech and action down to the component level. The case provides frustration free, spill-proof storage and features a...

  • 1911 Smart Wrench

    Real Avid

    1911 Smart Wrench


    Finally, a solution to the problem you€™ve been dealing with for years. Removing the barrel bushing on your 1911 has never been easier. Press and turn. The ingenious design keeps the spring and plug corralled €“ and you out of the dentist€™s chair.

  • Smart Lock Bore Guide

    Real Avid

    Smart Lock Bore Guide


    This clever design combines the ability to lock the AR15 upper open while perfectly aligning cleaning rods inside the barrel. The industry-first pivot-locking arm securely holds the upper open at an optimum angle for cleaning the bore. The Smart Lock...

  • Co Weapon Wipes


    Co Weapon Wipes


    Developed to protect firearms for up to five years in storage, Collector exceeds stringent military specifications. Recommended for the occasional hunter or sports shooter, as well as knife and sword collectors. Its ideal for seasonal sports equipment...

  • Smart Brushes

    Real Avid

    Smart Brushes


    Designed from the ground up to do a better and faster job of cleaning guns. Micro Bristles stay rigid under pressure providing superior scrubbing power. Four unique brush shapes with integrated scrapers are designed to specifically clean hard-to reach...

  • Gun Boss Multi-Kit - .357CAL/.38CAL/9MM

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss Multi-Kit - .357CAL/.38CAL/9MM

    $29.99 - $34.99

    Home and field double duty, single caliber specialized gun cleaning kits. Kits include the Bore Boss for a quick clean any time you shoot your gun, and an expanded gun cleaning kit with all the tools you need to fully clean bore, action and chamber.

  • Gun Boss Pro - Precision Cleaning Tools

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss Pro - Precision Cleaning Tools


    Designed to supplement traditional gun cleaning kits with a professional set of detailing tools. The virtually indestructible stand-up case puts specialized cleaning tools at your fingertips. Tools snap securely into place and stay organized. Remove...

  • Smart Mag Tool For Glock

    Real Avid

    Smart Mag Tool For Glock


    Change base plates or disassemble Glock magazines for safe and easy cleaning. No fumbling, no need for an extra hand, no out of control springs launching across the room. The Smart Mag Tool for Glock simplifies the process by allowing you to break open...

  • Glock Field Guide

    Real Avid

    Glock Field Guide


    The Glock Field Guide puts critical maintenance instruction in a compact, chemical resistant format. Loaded with easy-to understand illustrations, it shows you how disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble your Glock. Laminated and durable enough for...

  • 9MM Pierce Point Jag

    Shooter's Choice

    9MM Pierce Point Jag

    $5.49 - $7.99

    Shooter’s Choice solid brass, pierce point jags are caliber specific to ensure a proper fit between the patch and bore and are designed for use with 8-32 thread cleaning rods.

  • Gun Boss Pro - AR15 Cleaning Kit

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss Pro - AR15 Cleaning Kit

    $24.99 - $34.99

    The virtually indestructible stand-up case puts a complete AR15 kit at your fingertips. Tools snap securely into place and stay organized €“ unlike the chaos of conventional kits. Professional, specialized and smart. It€™s a superior experience for...

  • Gun-max Gun Oil - 12oz Aerosol

    Real Avid

    Gun-max Gun Oil - 12oz Aerosol


    Gun-Max€™s advanced gun-metal grade formula sets a new standard for protecting, lubricating and cleaning modern guns. Powerful inhibitors displace moisture delivering extended corrosion protection. Advanced anti-friction additives bond to metal surfaces...

  • 12 GA 1 Brush and 1 Mop Combo Pack

    Otis Technology

    12 GA 1 Brush and 1 Mop Combo Pack

    $4.09 - $4.99

    The Otis bore brush and mop combo pack includes 1 bronze bore brush and 1 cotton bore mop. Otis brushes have a proprietary Tufcor core wire that is corrosive-resistant with a tighter twist for better bristle.

  • Carbon Boss Ar15

    Real Avid

    Carbon Boss Ar15


    Smartly designed, this is the most comprehensive carbon removal multi-tool ever. Packed with easy-to-use precision cleaning tools, it gives you the power to easily demolish carbon from 13 surfaces on the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin & firing pin. It...

  • 8-in-1 Pistol T Tool

    Otis Technology

    8-in-1 Pistol T Tool


    This small, yet mighty tool is an essential item for any Glock owner. Handles a variety of maintenance needs for your pistol all in one tool that easily fits in your pocket, range bag or pistol case. The base handle has four distinct purposes – 1/4 bit...

  • Ar15 Brush Combo

    Real Avid

    Ar15 Brush Combo


    The AR15 Brush Combo contains the critical components you need to keep your AR15 chamber and bore carbon free. It contains a star chamber brush and star chamber mop for cleaning inside the hard to reach star chamber. Star chamber pads help collect...

  • Chamber Boss - Ar15

    Real Avid

    Chamber Boss - Ar15


    Every tool you need to easily eliminate baked-on carbon from the AR15 chamber. All implements store inside the ergonomic handle. The handle self-centers inside the upper to perfectly align with the barrel extension lugs. Easily spin the handle while...

  • Universal Smart Mat

    Real Avid

    Universal Smart Mat

    $19.99 - $24.99

    The Real Avid Universal Smart Mat is a gun cleaning mat on steroids. It€™s large enough to handle full sized rifles and shotguns. The ingenious attached parts tray ensures your pins, bolts and springs are never lost again. And its no-slip backed mat,...

  • 20 GA  Mop (3)

    Shooter's Choice

    20 GA Mop (3)

    $3.09 - $3.79

    Shooter’s Choice bore mops feature a densely packed, highly absorbent, cotton mop that is ideal for applying your favorite Shooter’s Choice gun solvent or lubricant. The brass stem will not damage your barrel.

  • Gun Boss - Universal Flex Rod Kit

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss - Universal Flex Rod Kit


    Works on handguns, rifles & shotguns. The Gun Boss pull-through system cleans and protects firearms by pulling fouling out of the muzzle, rather than back into the chamber and action. Compact, weather-resistant, molded case. No annoying loose parts...

  • Gun Boss - Handgun Cleaning Kit

    Real Avid

    Gun Boss - Handgun Cleaning Kit


    Big functionality in a small rugged package that easily fits into a pack or range bag. A complete cleaning kit designed to keep your handgun tip-top. No annoying loose parts. Smartly organized, each bore brush, jag, patch tip, rod and handle is held...

  • Bore Boss - 9MM Carbine

    Real Avid

    Bore Boss - 9MM Carbine


    The single piece Dual Action Cable with integrated phosphor bronze brush and braided mop wraps around the unique Flex-Case Handle to keep the system stowed and organized. To use, simply flip, feed, clip, and pull. Throw it in your pack, or put it in your...

  • Cleaning Kit - KB-PS-51


    Cleaning Kit - KB-PS-51


    Tailored to meet the cleaning needs of firearms heavily used in the field on .38/.357 and 9mm firearms. The police handgun kit contains a precision ground stainless steel rod that is 1/4 in diameter. Each kit features a 2 oz. bottle of No. 10 Copper...

  • Tactical Cleaning Kit


    Tactical Cleaning Kit


    KleenBore 7.62mm Tactical Cleaning Kit are tailored specifically to meet the cleaning needs of firearms that are used heavily in the field. The kits include a diameter and a precision ground stainless steel rod. The rods feature a muzzle guard to...

  • 100 Pack Pipe Cleaners

    Otis Technology

    100 Pack Pipe Cleaners


    Firearms have lots of small areas that are difficult to clean. These areas are also prone to carbon and fouling build up. Pipe cleaners - great for hobbies and arts & crafts - are perfect for gun cleaning too. The extra-long length is perfect for...

  • Cleaning Rod

    Otis Technology

    Cleaning Rod


    The male rod, used in conjunction with the female rod, act as handles, and can be added onto any Otis component with 8-32 thread for additional length during precision cleaning.

  • Universal Patriot Pdq

    Otis Technology

    Universal Patriot Pdq


    Otis offers PDQ trays in a variety of firearm maintenance product configurations to fit your store’s needs. Easily unpack from the shipping box, place on the shelf or counter and it’s merchandised and ready to sell. Let these PDQ's help highlight the...

  • Soft Pack Cleaning System

    Otis Technology

    Soft Pack Cleaning System


    Otis Technology is the name to trust when it comes to clean your firearm. This multi-caliber cleaning kit is the ideal kit for the marksman on the go. If you are in need of a compact all in one kit that can be stored in a range bag or on a MOLLE vest...

  • Elite Foaming Cleaner 4oz


    Elite Foaming Cleaner 4oz


    High performance and accuracy are crucial to serious shooters. Now you can count on hoppe's Elite to bring you the most advanced technology in firearm care and cleaning Today. Hoppe's Elite meets the demands of professional shooters, military and law...

  • 7.62mm Chamber Brush

    Otis Technology

    7.62mm Chamber Brush


    The tapered bronze bristles of the Otis chamber brush scrub the chamber, neck and shoulder. The steel bristles at the base scrub the star chamber of the locking lugs. The chamber brush has a standard 8-32 thread.

  • Gun Rod


    Gun Rod


    This Bianchi Pistol Cleaning Rod is medium sized for 5 barrel pistols. It is made of black Dupont polymer and holds standard bore brushes for 9mm, .38, .41, .44 and .45 bores.

  • .40 Cal Bore Brush (10 Pack)

    Otis Technology

    .40 Cal Bore Brush (10 Pack)


    Otis brushes have a proprietary Tufcor core wire that is corrosive-resistant with a tighter twist for better bristle retention and brush life. With twice the fill of other brushes and bristles right to the end, you get superior quality and precision...

  • 9mm Essential Pistol Cleaning Kit - LFG-701-12

    Otis Technology

    9mm Essential Pistol Cleaning Kit - LFG-701-12


    The 9mm Essential Pistol Cleaning Kit by Otis offers the essential firearm maintenance gear to properly clean .38cal/9mm caliber pistols from Breech-to-Muzzle and features a unique tool that acts as both a T-handle and a driver for the included 4 bits.